Book Review: Divorced Princess Consort Strikes Back (下堂皇妃逆袭记 ) by Er Qi (迩七)

While Hazel and I were discussing about online novels and Prince Consorts, she recommended this novel which took me a couple of days to read because it is over 700 chapters, excluding 100 chapters for epilouge! I enjoyed it though and thought a do a book review, starting with the book synopsis:

“Rong Li, the absolute, last thing I can bear is to have married you.  If you dare seduce me next time, I will write you a divorce letter.”

“No need to wait till next time.  You can write now.”

She, only daughter of the Prime Minister, has done the silliest things in order to get the man she loved to marry her, and became the laughing stock of the capital

She, modern-day trainer of the elite force, is not one who will let people step all over her. Since her husband found her irksome, his concubines tried to frame her, the servants wanted to bully her… then she will hang them all on a string and beat them up.

She has envisioned a carefree life after divorce until she met Xia Hou Xiang.

“Hey, why you keep coming to my room as if it is yours?  Do you think that this is appropriate?”

“Hmm, it is not really appropriate.” He pondered for several seconds. “I’ll go back now to pick a date for us to get married.”

The Prince of War is very efficient and soon, her name is back in the family tree of her ex-hushand… as his aunt.

My Thoughts:.

This novel has over 200 million reads on one website alone so even though I was not really keen on the transmigration theme as there have been so, so many similar stories in recent years, I thought I’ll give it a try. So modern woman was transported back to the past and became a Prince Consort.  She survived numerous attempts by the other concubines to frame her, kill her and still got her divorce AFTER getting her husband to fall in love with her.  Haha.
Alas, while the flowing river is willing, the flower has other plans.  Rong Li met another (also better) Prince, re-married, followed him to war, solved an old murder case, brought the murderer to justice… and then lived happily ever after.

One likeable part about the story is that both leads are strong characters who can command the ground. Most characters are not as 1-dimentional as many online stories though the most entertaining characters for me are actually the animals!. Really, Rong Li and Xia Hou Xiang have the most interesting pets – a talking mynah, a cute, cuddly baby tiger, and a butterfly that eats porridge. The talking bird (Blackie) is a major character and added lots of humour to the story, on top of the romance, and other plot movements. If you have the time, I would recommend this novel to other readers too.

Here is a bit of translation to give you a flavour of the story. Rong Li’s ex has discovered to his horror, that his uncle is asking for her hand in marriage and has carted boxes and boxes of wedding gifts to the Prime Minister’s residence. Desperate, he sneaked into the Rong Residence and found her.

“Rong Li, please believe me. Xia Hou Xiang has ulterior motives for proposing to you!”

Rong Li would have laughed had she not felt so offended. “He has ulterior motives? How did you know, and why should I believe you?”

Xia Hou Xian is unable to reply. Based on his ‘glorious history’, any bystander would probably agree that he is the one with ulterior motive. Lots of ulterior motives. “Li’er, I was duped by Mu Xue Rou in the past. Since the very first moment, the person whom I was attracted to is you! Mu Xue Rou pretended to be you and I was tricked and ended up biased against you. Please believe that I truely love you.”

The idea is so ridiculous that Rong Li bursts out laughing. “That is one sorry excuse. Don’t you find it laughable?” Tapping a finger to the side of her head, she adds “Are you missing a screw here?”

“So you claim that Mu Xue Rou dupped you. But have you no eyes nor brains to judge for yourself? Did she manage to hoodwink you for a day, a week or years? You know how I worshipped you in the past but since you find me irksome, why are you trying so hard to patch up now that we have parted ways? If I may say so, you have never loved anyone except yourself.”

“You do not love me and neither do you love Mu Xue Rou. If you did, you would not have called her names after knowing that she lied to you because I believe no matter what she has done, she did love you. And after spending years with her, what kind of person are you to now despise her? As for you ‘loving’ me… can you tell me exactly when did you discovered that? It was after I told you that I wanted a divorce that you start taking an interest in me, and not when I was running after you and trying to please you! What you are feeling is indignant. What you are feeling is uncomfortable with a Rong Li who no longer worships you. To try hold on to me now is not love, it is…”


Xia Hou Xian paled. He remembers all too clearly the times he has let her down and while he is angry with Mu Xue Rou, he is more furious with himself for being blind. “Do you still love me? If I can change, can we start afresh?”

“No. And no.” Rong Li frowns. After speaking so much, how come he be still so obstinate? “If I love you, I would not have left. Since I left, it means I no longer love you. Do you understand?”

“But….. you used to love me so much, how could that have changed in so short a time?”

“You already said that I “used to” love you! Which means this has happened in the past! Now that I am older, wiser, why can’t I change my mind?” Rong Li wondered if she should beat some sense into him if this drags on and true enough, Xia Hou Xian continues “Do you know that the man you are going to marry is Xia Hou Xiang?”

“Of ourse I know whom I’m marrying. I even choose the wedding date.” Taking a deep breathe, she tries again. “Did you knock your head or something? If so, please see a doctor.”

“Why would you agree to marry him?

This man is really…… “Because I’m doing charity.”


“You crazy man! Of course I want to marry him because I love him!”

“Rong Li loves me; do you have an issue with that?” A deep voice resonates from the door and Rong Li looks up in suprise to see Xia Hou Xiang at the door and walks happily over to him. “I thought you went home. Why have you returned?”

Xia Hou Xiang waves a book in his hand. “I have brought you the travel blog that you said you wanted to read.” Xia Hou Xiang has just reached home when his servant gave him the book. Worried that Rong Li might be bored, he has came to pass her the book He has not expected to see Xia Hou Xian here though he is partly greatful for his presensce as it would have taken much longer to hear from Rong Li own lips that she loves him! Heart alift, he closes the distance between them and envelops.her in a hug

Rong Li is touched. When he left earlier, he has said that he will be seeing to their wedding details. “I was just thinking of the book and here you are, personally delivering it to me. Having came twice to my home today, aren’t you tired?”

“I’m not tired; just happy that you are happy.” While Rong Li flushes a becoming pink, Xia Hou Xiang turns towards the unnecessary one in the courtyard. “It is not appropriate for Royal Nephew to be here is it not?”

Xia Hou Xian is caught short by the intimacy between Xia Hou Xiang and Rong Li which implies that… the 2 are in love with each other? How can that be?! Xia Hou Xiang must have an ulterior motive for being nice to Rong li! “In terms of etiquette, I believe it is neither appropriate for Royal Uncle to be here too.”

“There is nothing wrong for a Prince to visit his Consort.” While Xia Hou Xiang has not raise his voice, his commanding tone and aura that he carries to the battlefield resonnates firmly in the air. He has found Xia Hou Xian an eyesore from a long time ago and there is no need to hide his derision right now.

“You are not married and she is not your Consort yet! Li’er, take it as I’m begging you. Can you please not marry him?” He has never begged anyone for anything in his life but he has no choice. If Rong Li is to compare him with Xiao Hou Xiang…..he will likely come off as the lesser man!

Rong Li has exhausted her paitience with her ex. She smiles cheerily at Xia Hou Xiang while pointing a finger at Xia Hou Xian. “Throw him out.”

Xia Hou Xiang was initially infruiated by Xia Hou Xian’s sabotage but Rong Li’s words completely doused his anger. His Li Er is indeed, a woman after his heart! “My pleasure.”

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Divorced Princess Consort Strikes Back (下堂皇妃逆袭记 ) by Er Qi (迩七)

  1. I’m glad that you decided to give it a try on this Divorced Princess Consort Strikes Back novel. That talking bird is hilarious and I still remember its name “blackie”. He hated it so much when Rong Li gave this name. Hahaha.
    What? This is just a book review?

    • It was so funny when no one calls it by his proper name n just “Blackie” after he met Rong Li. 😊 From Fernandez to Blackie…. I absolutely love It’s demotion.

      I have tried translate some chapters to see how it turns out but I must say it is not easy to balance details vs story length, plus it will be confusing to have 2 consorts n 2 Consort Rou at the same blog. In the end, I think a book review will suffice. Thanks for the book recommendation!

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