Book/Drama Review: The Imperial Coroner (御赐小仵作)

Adapted from the novel with same name by Qing Xian Ya Tou, this is a drama that will not disappoint.  My review of the drama is just 2 words – worth watching.

The 36-episode mystery-romance drama is released in 2021 and available on YouTube with English subs.  The plot, pace, screen play and acting are top-notch despite this being a low-cost production n I salute the production team for putting together such an amazing show on a shoe string budget.

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Book Review: Divorced Princess Consort Strikes Back (下堂皇妃逆袭记 ) by Er Qi (迩七)

While Hazel and I were discussing about online novels and Prince Consorts, she recommended this novel which took me a couple of days to read because it is over 700 chapters, excluding 100 chapters for epilouge! I enjoyed it though and thought a do a book review, starting with the book synopsis:

“Rong Li, the absolute, last thing I can bear is to have married you.  If you dare seduce me next time, I will write you a divorce letter.”

“No need to wait till next time.  You can write now.”

She, only daughter of the Prime Minister, has done the silliest things in order to get the man she loved to marry her, and became the laughing stock of the capital

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Book Review: With Clear Conscience by Ling Shu Fen

Hello! Hope you have been keeping well.  I have been reading a lot recently and like to share with you this book entitled “With Clear Conscience” (俯仰无愧 pinyin: Fu Yang Wu Kui) by Taiwanese author Ling Shu Fen.

fuyangwukui2.jpg“俯仰无愧” is a Chinese idiom and is also part of a verse. In means that a person can hold his head high if he has a clear conscience.  仰 (Yang) is a pun on the hero’s name Yun Yang, and like his name, he is a righteous, honest, kind young swordsman, who brought up his 2 xiao shi mei from babies to adults.

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Book Review: A Mistaken Marriage Match – Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue《错嫁良缘 - 燎越追凶》

image1This is the fifth and latest novel in the “Mistaken Marriage” 《错嫁良缘》series by Qian Lu (浅绿).  Having read and liked most of the earlier books, I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of it in our good o’ National Library since it was just published in Jan 16  and managed to read it last weekend.

The story is about Lou Chen, the only, extremely intelligent daughter of the Premier who left home after making a bet with her cousins. She decides to visit their neighbouring country Liao Yue on a whim, but barely a few days into her trip, she gets embroiled in a mystery murder which leads her to meet a happy-go-lucky constable, Jian Yan Heng. Continue reading

Book Review: Start Being Jealous if you want to Date (要恋爱?那吃个醋) by Chong Jing (憧憬)

Be Jealous if  you want to DateIt feels great to have time to read, read and read! The third novel I read recently was “Start Being Jealous if you want to Date” (要恋爱?那吃个醋) by Chong Jing and below are some key details:

Male Lead: 司徒悟Situ Wu
Female Lead: 陶小宝 Tao Xiao Bao
Ending Type: Happy Ending (HE)
Recommendation ranking: 3.5 out of 5

The story started 5 years ago when Situ Wu approached his friend, Da Bao to pass a love letter to his sister Xiao Bao, to pass to her friend, Ruo Lin. Xiao Bao mistook that the letter was meant for her and turned up for the date meant for Ruo Lin.

Time-jump 5 years later and Xiao Bao met Situ Wu again. He was the lead singer of a boy band and she was shortlisted to become their personal make-up artiste. At first, she tried to decline the assignment but Situ Wu found out who she was and insisted that she became their make-up artiste so that he could pay her back for some of the misery she had caused him when she left him (and the country) 5 years ago.

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Book Review: Name a Price if you want to Date (要恋爱?那开个价) by Chong Jing (憧憬)

Name a Price if you want to DateHow dare she feign ignorance after stealing his first kiss? Let him jot her memory and when she (finally!) admitted to her wrong, he demanded a kiss in return.

She agreed… and asked him to close his eyes? If it was what he thinking– hot, steamy, and all sorts of R(A) – should their audience closed their eyes too? But obviously, what she wanted to do was vastly different from his imagination.

She must be tired of living to play with him, and he swore not to let her off that easily. But as time went by, it was not clear who was clinging to whom and he started to wonder. A love that came with a price tag was tiring despite being intriguing. And worse was the fact that she seemed to love her younger brother much more than him.

Male Lead: 尹堂橘Yin Tang Ju
Female Lead: 左七夕Zuo Qi Xi
Ending Type: Happy Ending (HE)
Recommendation ranking: 2.5 out of 5

Click here to read “Name a Price if you want to Date ” in chinese.

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Book Review: The Demoness is not Evil (妖女不妖) by Xi Meng (裘梦)

Unknown-1Gentleman Xiao Yao (Carefree) was a well-known, well-liked pugilist in the wulin (pugilist world), and he had thought himself to be a righteous man as well.  But ever since he met her, he found he had the potential to be a real scoundrel.  From baiting her to figuring ways to hold her hand… ay, what else could he do since she was so intriguing?

She looked liked a rich man’s daughter but there was nothing of that beneath the surface.  She was highly skilled and her arsenal includes her tongue as well, since her cutting remarks often drive people nuts.  Her actions were bold and the word ‘proprietary’ was obviously not in her dictionary.

To fall in love with her was both sweetness and sadness.  Sweet was times being with her.  Sadness was because of her unpredictability, like the day  she left without a word.  As he tried to search for her, he can’t help but wonder if this was the test to see if they could be together?

Male Lead: 柳枫 Liu Feng
Female Lead: 曲清音 Qu Qing Yin
Ending Type: Happy Ending (HE)

Recommendation ranking: 3.5 out of 5

Click here to read “The Demoness is not Evil – 妖女不妖” in chinese.

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