Princess Consort is No-Pushover – Part 7: A Former Girlfriend

(Chapter 95-97)

At this moment, the eunuch’s voice suddenly resounded outside the door, “His imperial majesty, the emperor has arrived.” 

Not a second after that, a large group of people walked at a fast pace into Ronghua Palace and the man at the front was the imperial ruler of the Chu dynasty, Emperor Hongyuan. 

Nangong Rou immediately raised her head; she saw Emperor Hongyuan leading the way and followed by Chu Xuanchen, Prince Jin, Prince Zhao, other princes and several ministers as well. 

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Princess Consort is No Pushover! – Part 6: Princess Consort Zhao

(Chapter 90-94)

Soon, the sedan chair arrived at Ronghua Palace. 

Yun Ruoyue and Nangong Rou got off the sedan chair, led by the palace eunuch and walked into the inner hall. When she stepped into the hall, she was surprised to see a room full of beautiful women. Each of them were dressed up luxuriously and elegantly, adorned with dazzling gold and silver jewelry that almost blinded her eyes. 

In the center of the room among the beautiful women, there was a dignified and calm noble woman sitting on the golden chair with hand carved flowers design. Yun Rouyue had a sudden thought, the woman who sits in the center and surrounded by everyone should be the empress of the Chu dynasty. 

While the rest of the people and it’s because of the original owner’s memories, she could recognize some of them.    

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Princess Consort is No Pushover! – Part 5: The Covetous Concubine

Princess (Part 5): The Covetous Concubine

(Chapter 87- 90)

The moment Chu Xuanchen saw Nangong Rou; he wanted to push Yun Ruoyue away. But his legs were still weak and helpless, so he had to continue leaning on her, but his face turned black like the bottom of the pot. 

It’s because he thought that Rou’er must have misunderstood, and when he goes back, he will explain it to her. 

As he felt sorry for Nangong Rou, “Rou’er, why are you here? You’re not feeling well, hurry get inside the carriage.”

These words, filled with deep concern, made Yun Ruoyue a little bit bitter inwardly.

Nangong  Rou quickly refuted, “I’m fine, Your Highness, I’m much better, I’m just worried about you, and I want to come and see you.” 

After she spoke; she coughed weakly. 

When Yun Rouyue saw Nangong Rou, she was shocked and immediately pushed Chu Xuanchen away, pushing him to Nangong Rou, “Younger sister, I’m really sorry, it wasn’t my intention to touch him, but his legs are numb.. I’m only helping out.”

Nangong Rou was in great distress as she held Chu Xuanchen in her arms, she looked like she wanted to cry, “Elder sister, you shouldn’t have said that, the prince is also your husband and it’s proper for you to hold onto him (physical contact), what happened to His Highness, is he hurt?”

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Princess Consort is No Pushover! – Part 4: Chu Xuanchen Yielded

Princess (Part 4): Chu Xuanchen Yielded

(Chapter 83-86)

“Impertinent! You dare to attack this prince!” Chu Xuanchen roared. He delivered a palm strike on Yun Ruoyue’s chest, making her fly through the air from the blow. At the same time, he also used his internal force to shake out the needle from his thigh.

Yun Ruoyue’s body landed – wham! – Right on the horse’s belly, and then slowly slid to the ground. 

The horse was startled that it raised its hooves and neighs frantically. The young horseman was afraid the frenzied horse would step on the princess consort, so he hurriedly pulled the horse away. 

Fortunately, she was hit on the horse’s belly; otherwise she would be seriously injured if she didn’t die. 

She got up from the ground with difficulty, the burning pain of her chin made her unable to speak, she took in a deep breath feeling her jaw was about to dislocate. 

There was a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth, which was from the bites on his hand. 

She raised her head and glanced at him fiercely, wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth with her sleeve. Even if it hurts, she has to force herself to hold up her body. 

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Princess Consort is No Pushover! – Part 3: Touched Her Face

Princess (Part 3): Touched Her Face 

(Chapter 68-82)

Flashback to the earlier time of the story. The fight broke out in the military camp between two groups of soldiers. As soon as Chu Xuanchen and Yun Ruoyue arrived at the military camp, he dismounted the horse and walked into the barracks, leaving her alone on the horse. Seeing this, Mo Li quickly rushed forward and helped the princess consort to get off. However, the rough journey had made her dizzy and nauseous, she vomited a few times before she could see the situation in the barracks clearly. There was a strong smell of blood everywhere, and the stench that almost suffocated her had caused her to frown. 

Mo Li explained to her, “Your Highness, our prince is the great general and protector of the Chu Kingdom. These soldiers were originally under the prince’s command and led by him alone. The prince has fought many great victories, stabilized the country and people lived in peace over the years. The emperor felt that the prince was strenuous by handling the military force himself, therefore, His Majesty sent Prince of Jin, Chu Tianyu to serve as the General defender to assist Prince Li in managing the barracks. Prince Jin has brought in his own men and the barracks gradually divided into two groups of people. All this while, there were a lot of conflicts between them, and I didn’t expect the clashes to really happen tonight.”

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Princess Consort is No Pushover! – Part 2: Overview

Princess (Part 2): Overview

As from where we stopped, she saved the deputy general’s cut off arm by performing the surgical reattachment and that was when Chu Xuanchen realized how amazing his wife was. After that on several occasions, she also saved many people’s lives including Prince Li and also the most important person in his life, his grandmother (Empress Dowager). When Ruoyue cured Empress Dowager, the prince kept his promise and did as requested by her to restore her position and power as a mistress. Of course, when Nangong Rou knew this, she felt threatened and must quickly step up her game, so she started to pressure the prince. She knows the prince was a man of his word, therefore, she wants him to repay her for saving his life two years ago by conceiving his baby as an exchange. Once she has the baby, then he doesn’t owe her anymore.  

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Princess Consort Is No Pushover! To resume?

Hello there readers,

I hope everyone is doing fine lately. I saw there were many new readers coming to Cloud Manor in the past few days. I would like to say welcome to you new readers as we have many interesting stories here to read, with our main primary story (Rice Pot Next Door, Straight Road) translated by Moonblossom 😍 and also the fanfiction (Love Better Than Immortality) written by our creative department ~ Melanie 😎

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Princess Consort is No Pushover! – Part 1: Saw His Naked Body

Princess (Part 1): Saw His Naked Body

(Chapter 50-70)

Mo Zhu was unconscious when Yun Ruoyue arrived at Green Bamboo Garden. From her diagnosis, she ruled out the possibility of her mistreatment because he was actually poisoned by someone. As proof, she found the source of poison came from a plant that exudes poisonous substance was placed inside his bedroom with the window tightly closed. 

The culprit was caught and she turned out to be the maidservant named Luer. But before she could reveal the evil mastermind behind the orders, she was shot to death with a poison needle from an assassin in the hide. Mo Li and the imperial guards gave chase but that assassin was gone. 

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Princess Consort is No Pushover! Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Illness Relapse

Wouldn’t this create an opportunity for them to see each other more often? When two people are seeing each other day and night, naturally over time, there is a tendency they would become attached to each other and start to have feelings. In other words, Yun Ruoyue for now has an upper hand. 

With such a thought, a villainous glint flickered across her eyes for a split second before returning to normal, she asked again, “Hence, if the princess consort can’t heal Mo Zhu back to his health, His Highness would punish her?” 

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