Man from the Wild South (Part 6)

nurse chibiFeng Jin is no gentleman but he is a tad too … despicable? today though I thought it totally fits his character .   He took advantage of his weakened state and hit Shang Guan Jing at all the right spots. Little wonder she will end up marrying him (it is stated in the book summary) but I can’t help feeling sorry for her. Yan Ying appears once more with more backstory of Shang Guan Jing and her token with mysterious symbols.

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Man from the Wild South (Part 5)

Tspiderweboday is a short post with no major relevations. I like it that Feng In is not as powerful as he seems and that when he bleeds, he is quite at anyone’s mercy. Weak though he may be, he is still quite level-headed and sets the stage to stake claim on his woman later. A bit of his true nature becomes apparent in his weakened state but Shang Guan Jing is too unsuspecting to see deeper. *sigh*

A picture of a spider talking to a fly comes to mind but I cannot find a nice picture on the web. Instead I attach a photo of a spider web which I took in Alishan (central Taiwan) some years back. The web is dangerous to insects, but oh-so-pretty in its natural environment, hope you like it. Continue reading

Man from the Wild South (Part 4)

This story may not be anywhere near a classic, but I like its many unexpected twists and turns. After a blue moon in the first chapter, we have 2 racing-oxens next. I’m looking forward to what other enchantment Feng Jin can cast but we learn today that he is not that all-powerful and his magic can backfire on him.

I inserted a bloody picture (I meant it literally) at the end of the post and if you are adverse to blood, please do not scroll to the end. Hope you enjoy today’s update.

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Man from the Wild South (Part 3)

In my head, I envision Nan Man to be a place like ancient Singapore, with dangerous tropical forests, dense vegetation and hot, humid weather.  Or Thailand or Vietnam since we don’t have rice fields in Singapore. While the author probably has Vietnam in mind since it is geographically south of china’s border just like Nan Man, some of the magical stuff in the story reminds me of the black magic in Thailand. I have only heard a handful of black magic or jiang tou stories that exists in Thailand but it is enough for me to have a healthy fear of them. Although the enchantment that Shang Guan Jing encountered today is nothing vicious like jiang tou, I nonetheless thought that she should have been more careful. The black magic of South East Asia is nothing to scoff at.

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Man from the Wild South – Part 2

Happy-Weesak-Day_zps0cdeac36Embarrassment, embarrassment. I am competing today with the heroine Shang Guan Jing for the top placement in embarrassment. She is mortified by a rumbling stomach and poor manners while I have to bury my head beneath a pillow and say – Sorry! the guy’s name is “Feng Jin” and not “Su Jin”.  I can’t believe I made the same mistake after calling  ‘Su Ling’ as ‘Feng Ling’ (Mistaken Marriage Match – Legendary Military Advisor) but I just did.

Anyway, to move on, here is the next chapter on the first face-to-face interaction between Shang Guan Jing and Feng Jin. I am more into para for para translation at the beginning but will move to a more summarized style subsequently. And as today is Vesak in Singapore, here is wishing all Buddhists a blessed Vesak.

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Nan Man Jin Lang (Man from the Wild South) – Part 1

Hello everyone. It has been a while. I’m not sure how well this next story will turn out but I’ll have another go at translation while juggling the challenges of everyday life. (Hint: Reorgs. Why do we keep moving people around every 2-4 years when this is more disruptive and irritating than having a pimple on the nose?)

Anyway, back to this story “Nan Man Jin Lang” (南蛮锦郎) which translates to “Mr Jin of the Wild South”, it is written by Taiwanese author Lei En Na (Leonna?) and is a short Wu Xia story mixed with some magic mojo. The male lead is a black-bellied sorcerer called Feng Jin who was called out of his isolated shell when a righteous, honorable swordswoman Shang Guan Jing barged into his life.

Like Zhou Wen Wu in my last translation, Feng Jin is an anti-hero. I don’t even like him half the time but I like the plot and if it means Feng Jin gets to eat dirt from time to time, it should be quite an interesting read. At least the beginning is interesting. Read on and see if you agree.

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Book Review: With Clear Conscience by Ling Shu Fen

Hello! Hope you have been keeping well.  I have been reading a lot recently and like to share with you this book entitled “With Clear Conscience” (俯仰无愧 pinyin: Fu Yang Wu Kui) by Taiwanese author Ling Shu Fen.

fuyangwukui2.jpg“俯仰无愧” is a Chinese idiom and is also part of a verse. In means that a person can hold his head high if he has a clear conscience.  仰 (Yang) is a pun on the hero’s name Yun Yang, and like his name, he is a righteous, honest, kind young swordsman, who brought up his 2 xiao shi mei from babies to adults.

Alas, the story started with the adult disciples hearing from their Teacher that they have used up all their money. Since they are broke, they have to disband and live on their own from henceforth.  Continue reading

Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 12) (End)

Here is the last installment! Sorry for taking so long to finish this story but I am probably suffering from brain damage when I thought that I can recap this within 8 posts. Still, subsequent visitors to Cloud Manor will have the luxury of reading this recap in 1 sitting so at least someone will still benefit.

happy-new-year-2017-2I am pleasantly surprised each time I receive feedback from new readers on Gentlemen Free-Floating Cloud, Rice Pot, and Just a Straight Road and I am humbled that that there are  readers who manage to find and read these stories long after I have posted them. Looking at my dismal speed in finishing my last 2 projects, I will definitely think twice before picking up any more project, not to mention that I have not come across any stories in the last 6 months that really pulls to me

Until then, keep safe and have a Happy Prosperous 2017!

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 11)


We are nearing the end of the story but we still  have more new characters in the “Pursuit of a Murderer”. Let me introduce Su Su and Mo Yuan, OTP of “A Mistaken Marriage Match: The Pirate’s Daughter” who are guest starring today.

Su Su is the precious daughter of General Su and Gu Yun, the only girl born into the Su family after generations of boys. She is smart, brave, loyal, and although Lou Chen is her cousin, she calls her Chen Jie (elder sister) because first cousins are as good as one’s siblings to the Chinese.

Mo Yuan is the complete opposite of Su Su. An ice block, a nerd, but very, very good to her. Just like the Jian family, the Mo family have ancient roots. They are famous for their divinations and ability to create illusions.  If Sian translates this story, then you can read more about their story, which is suspenseful for the first half and romantic in the second.

I’m having trouble summarizing this story and has hoped that this would be my last post on Pursuit of a Murderer.  I am unsuccessful however, but think I can finish the story in the next posting.  Until then, happy holidays!   –  Moonblossom

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 10)

coyotes-fall-cliffGreetings after such a long break and apologies for falling off the virtual cliff. I has been working on this post for more than a week and because it is so long, it has taken me quite a while to summarize and edit the passage.

Lou Chen is not an easy heroine to be in love with. Not only is she incredibly independent and self-sufficient, she has a slew of protective bodyguards, brother, father, uncle and aunts plus an elite background, which makes it truly difficult to imagine a man worthy enough for her, or brave enough to chase after her. Jian Yan Heng may not be her social equal but he is smart, adorable, supremely self-confidant and thus perfect for her. The chapter I choose today illustrates just how compatible they are and shows Jian Yan Heng at his best – and most thick-skin. Enjoy.

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