Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 93 – 94

imagesWhat a cute chapter!   I’m am absolutely enjoying someone’s misery as well as the reappearance of a character who has appeared at the start of the main story.  I like how the main story and epilogue intertwine with each other – each separate but yet linked – and I think you will like today’s chapter before we round off next week on the story of Big Bad Wu-lf and a Little Pig.  Happy halloween and happy weekend folks!

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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 90 – 91

stairwellBusy days are here again, so there is no chance for bi-weekly posting although I do have a nice, long chapter for you today.  Shrisa56 has suggested making the website mobile friendly but I have no chance to research if there are some settings that can make the layout mobile friendly,  if you already know off-hand, do let me know,  otherwise, I’ll just research on this in my spare time.

The story of Boss Wu and Xiao You Cai takes a dim, then bright turn and I really miss the light-hearted banter of earlier chapters.  Let’s hope the romance works out well and please bring back all the funny moments.

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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 89 – 90


strollHappy weekend dear readers!  The nice, smart Dong Li Dong is more than what he appears and gets outed by Wu Wen.  Xiao You Cai gets her nose bumped as a result I can only say this week is really not her week.  Thank goodness Wu Wen is better to her than she thinks (or he thinks for that matter) and I look forward to see what Boss Wu would do once he realizes that he likes her.

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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 87 – 88

89 holding handsThe story of Macho Man vs Little Woman zips along and we are introduced to a new character and a class gathering that ups the blood pressure of Macho Man by 10 points.  Er, maybe 20 points. I think that at this stage, Wu Wen does not really like Xiao You Cai, but he is keenly aware of her.   I really like the way he gets riled up over something that he deems so unimportant – and at the openly unscrupulous way that Xiao You Cai will do to cop a feel.  hee-hee-hee!


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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 86 – 87

horseThe timeline of the epilogue meshes once  more with the timeline of the main story n I rather like how both storylines flow well, collectively and individually.  With help from Wu Wen n Xiao You Cai, Qiao Feng managed to hijack Lan Shan from Song Zi Cheng, while Wu Wen seems to notice XYC more  and more. The next post should be around Sunday or Monday n in the meantime, happly reading. 😘


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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 83 – 84

Horsfield's tortoise shutterstock_25645696Good morning!  It is public holiday (horray!) in Singapore so here is a short post while I work on the weekend’s post, cos  Xiao You Cai is just too cute with her pet tortoise! But before going into her story, I will like to put up Chapter 84, which is a short epilogue on Lan Shan and Qiao Feng in . There isn’t much word play or stuff (funny or otherwise), so I will just summarize it before delving into Chapter 83.


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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 81-82


funny injungSo far, I am loving the interactions between Wu Wen and Xiao You Cai . Wu Wen is such a bully, but I am starting to see why Xiao You Cai is a good foil for him. He has a soft spot for meek woman – but this particular meek woman is not meek at all when it comes realizing her wants! so let’s hope he knows what he is getting into when he does the equivalent of pulling her pigtails.

As for Xiao You Cai, we get see a more adult version of her today. I am not sure if I am disappointed or elated that she is perfectly normal at the workplace, but no matter which side of her we see, I hope she will never stop having her funny ideas for it always give me such a good laugh, or at least and eyebrow raiser, everytime.  Have a happy weekend!

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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapter 80

XYC as YooEHIn the main story, Wu Wen came across as very manly and street smart.  Other than the loud shirt in his first appearance, he has always strike me as a good-looking and  intuitive man, despite the ribbing from his mom and dad.

The author wrote a long epilogue about him and Xiao You Chai about 10 chapters long.  I may summarize some chapters as I go along but the first chapter here is pretty much as it is.  A little bit all over the place, but not unentertaining. This match reminds me a little of the wacky Yoon Eun Hye & her Big boss pairing in “Lie To Me” so I have inserted their drama poster here for a bit of colour.  Happy reading!


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