Other Stories

(1) A Mistaken Marriage Match
– Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu
《错嫁良缘 - 燎越追凶》 作者:浅绿

image1 The fifth novel in the Mistaken Marriage series, “Pursuit of Murderer” is about Lou Chen (daughter of Lou Xi Yan and Qing Ling)  and her adventures in Liao Yue.

Within days of her visit, she encounters a dead body, which leads her to other mysteries and dead bodies, which she resolve with new-found friends.


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(2) Man from the Wild South by Lei En Na
《南蛮锦郎》 作者:雷恩那

To most people, Feng Jin is a mercurial, dangerous man but to Shang Guan Jing who barged into his territory innocently, he is but a lonely man, ostracized by villagers.  To keep this interesting companion by his side, he masked his impatience, his calculation, and played the meek, sensitive man to the hilt.

To his delight, he finds that he can trick her all the way into marriage – only to find out that he does not make it to the first, second or even third placing in her heart.  How dare she treat him so poorly?  Maybe it is time to show her  what he has that makes him the Devil of the Wild South…


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