Other Stories

(1) Love Better Than Immortality (Fanfic)
– Written by Melanie

If you have watched the drama and love the adorable couple like I do, here is moooore….

Hope you like my fanfic.


IntroductionChapter 1 – Meditation CaveChapter 2 – A Trip to TownChapter 3 – A Storm Is ApproachingChapter 4 – This Promise I Make to You
Chapter 5 – Old GrievancesChapter 6 – An Uncanny LikenessChapter 7 – Hostage SituationChapter 8 – The Old ManChapter 9 – Poison Master, Noble Healer
Chapter 10 – Expecting ImmortalityChapter 11 – Unexpected GuestsChapter 12 – Bamboozled


(2) A Mistaken Marriage Match
– Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue by Qian Lu
《错嫁良缘 - 燎越追凶》 作者:浅绿

The fifth novel in the Mistaken Marriage series, “Pursuit of Murderer” is about Lou Chen (daughter of Lou Xi Yan and Qing Ling)  and her adventures in Liao Yue.

Within days of her visit, she encounters a dead body, which leads her to other mysteries and dead bodies, which she resolve with new-found friends.


(3) Princess Consort is No Pushover! by Gu Su Xiao Qi
《神医毒妃不好惹》 作者:故苏小七
Translated by Hazel

Yun Ruoyue (30), a general surgeon from the 21st century who died from a car accident and her soul transmigrated back to 1800 years ago in ancient China. Her soul occupied another body with a new entity as Princess Consort Li.

She is beautiful, kindhearted and with inborn courageous. She fights for what she believes in and never afraid to stand up for injustice.

This novel follows the turbulent growth of her in adjusting in her new life and how she fight back including her prince husband, Chu Xuanchen, to take back her rightful place.

Chu Xuanchen (23), a prince from the Great Chu dynasty, he is handsome and intelligent, arrogant and domineering, and his biggest weakness that he’s a man of his word, just like a typical military man.

He was forced by the Emperor to marry Yun Rouyue as his princess consort, the daughter of the enemy who killed his parents. In the end, he did marry her even though didn’t love her. After the marriage, he treated her badly and even marries another woman of his love in order to degrade and humiliate Yun Rouyue.

At first, he thought that he would be happy by marrying the woman of his love, Nangong Rou, but he was wrong. Later on and slowly, he realized the person in his heart was actually Yun Rouyue and has no love feeling to Nangong Rou other than just gratitude because she saved his life two years ago.

Apparently, he was too late as Yun Rouyue didn’t love him and wanted a divorce, and the story goes on with how he will woo her back and they stay happily ever after.


1: Jumped into the Lake2: Soul Transmigration
3: Time Travel Medical Room4: Cold and Arrogant Prince
5: Self-conscious6: She was a Beautiful Girl
7: Prince Married a Concubine8: Princess Consort is Coming
9: Don’t Push Your Luck10: A Formidable Princess Consort
11: Treacherous Concubine12: See a Ghost?
13: Beautiful Princess Consort14: Tetanus Shot
15: Nuptial Night16: Princess Consort to Serve Him
17: Taught the Servant a Lesson18: Your Highness, Please Carry On
19: Humiliation20: Shout and Cheer
21: Traumatized22: Twenty Lashes of the Whip
23: Alive or Death24: Lacerations Treatment
25: The Finest Pork Knuckle26: Seriously Injured
27: Prepared For The Funeral28: Princess Consort Can Cure Him
29: Secretly Sneaking In30: Princess Consort Medical Treatment
31: Doctor, you are Awesome32: Caught in the Act
33: Locked Away34: Concubine Display Awe-inspiring Power
35: Taught the Concubine a Lesson36: His Heart Sank
37: Lack Of Desire38: Punishment from The Prince
39: Blood Feud of the Past40: Mo Zhu Woke Up
41: Beautiful Lady in Red42: His Saviour
43: Where Did You Learn Medicine?44: Princess Consort to play a Vital Role
45: Maidservants46: Prince Sneak a Glance at Consort
47: Hurled at the Prince48: Painfully Pinched
49: Illness RelapsePart 1: Saw His Naked Body
Part 2: OverviewPart 3: Touched Her Face
Part 4: Chu Xuanchen YieldedPart 5: The Covetous Concubine
Part 6: Princess Consort ZhaoPart 7: A Former Girlfriend
Part 8: Eavesdropped The Prince

(4) Man from the Wild South by Lei En Na
《南蛮锦郎》 作者:雷恩那

To most people, Feng Jin is a mercurial, dangerous man but to Shang Guan Jing who barged into his territory innocently, he is just a lonely man, ostracized by villagers.  To keep this interesting companion by his side, he masked his impatience, his calculation, and played the meek, sensitive man to the hilt.

To his delight, he finds that he can trick her all the way into marriage – only to find out that he does not make it to the first, second or even third placing in her heart.  How dare she treat him so poorly?  Maybe it is time to show her  what he has that makes him the Devil of the Wild South…


Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10
Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15
Part 16Part 17Part 18 (end)