Happy 2016!

Happy SnowmanDear readers,

We thank you for your festive wishes and like to use this post to share a bit on what we have been doing.

Moonblossom survived her first sub-zero holiday and had a good time in Seoul eating Korean BBQ and building happy snowman on the slopes of her ski resort, before flying over to Bangkok for a shopping and spa holiday, while Melanie took a hiatus from updating her stories as she enjoyed a chilly but wonderful couple of weeks in Vienna, Salzburg, and Bratislava, gawking at towering cathedrals, gleefully clamoring around castle ruins, and savoring Austrian chocolates. She then headed to Carlsbad, California for a conference. Now that she is back home, her New Year resolution is to start slowly churning out chapters again (as time permits).

It has been a great month for travels and as we wave goodbye to the holidays, we like to take this opportunity to wish you a a good year ahead. May 2016 bring GOOD RESULTS for those studying, RECOGNITION and GOOD BONUS for those working, and may it also bring happy relationships with our friends and family.

Happy New Year from us at Cloud Manor!

Melanie & Moonblossom

Fangirling Wallace Chung

wallace chungWallace Chung is definately a popular choice to play the male lead these days when c-novels get adapted to the small screen.  Melanie and Peanuts, just to mention a few, are his avid fans and the latter have set up a Wallace Chung fan site in English to fangirl her adoration of Yi Chen (Wallace’s role in “My Sunshine”).  Do check out the site if you like him too.


Wishing all a Happy, Prosperous New Year!


祝各位, 羊年得意,欢欢喜喜,青春美丽,大吉大利!

I wrote the above phrases with my son on a card which he wants to put in his bag so that he can “revise” and know what to say to people when he greets them today.  Here is wishing everyone the same: – a smooth-sailing year, a happy year, a year of youth and beauty, and lucky, prosperous year!!

Best wishes,
– Moonblossom –