Prequel Sun-Moon – Index

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay – The Prequel

Written by Melanie


Life may be a matter of choice but how do you choose between the devil and the deep blue sea?

As the pugilist world faces the peril of the Blood Shadow Palm, they must decide if they should seek the dubious help of Sit Chung Nam, whose Shadowless Swords could be the only hope against the deadly Blood Shadow Palm.

In a world of turmoil, the situation is worse for Fa Heung Yan, who has been stripped of her skills and nearly killed by her sister’s Blood Shadow Palm.  With only her beauty and wits, Yan Yan not only has to survive, she must also stop her powerful sister and steer their clan away from disaster. But if help means Sit Chung Nam, should she take it? What would be the price? No wonder the saying goes: when in the pugilist world, there is really no choice at all….

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay - The Prequel
 Legendary Book Prequel - Character List
 Chapter 1: Bandits!
 Chapter 2: Fairy Dust
 Chapter 3: Chung Nam Shadowless Swords
 Chapter 4: The Alliance
 Chatper 5: Unlikely Hero
 Chapter 6: Charmed
 Chapter 7: Falling in Love
 Chapter 8: Stranger in the Bamboo Hat
 Chapter 9: Ambush
 Chapter 10: Dark Night, Part I
 Chapter 11: Dark Night, Part II
 Chapter 12: Miss Me?
 Chapter 13: Waiting for Love
 Chapter 14: Birthday Stones
 Chapter 15: Ghosts and Illusions
 Chapter 16: Beneath the Cliff
 Chapter 17: White Flag
 Chapter 18: Heavenly Crane School's Secret
 Chapter 19: Legendary Swords, Heavenly Weapons
 Chapter 20: One Step Behind
 Chapter 21: To Earn a Beauty's Embrace
 Chapter 22: Fiery Sparks Amidst Chilling Cold
 Chapter 23: Two Swords, One Book
 Chapter 24: Bath
 Chapter 25: I Will Dance for You When We Meet Again
 Chapter 26: Confrontation
 Chapter 27: Tears from the Past
 Chapter 28: Ten-Thousand Good Fortune Inn

Melanie posts new chapters for her “Prequel” and main “Legendary Book” stories on an irregular basis.  You may check back periodically for updates, or if you would rather receive a notification when a new chapter is posted, you may use the “Follow Blog via Email” feature available at the bottom right of this site.
Thank you for visiting Cloud Manor!    – Moonblossom –

35 thoughts on “Prequel Sun-Moon – Index

  1. If you have a picture that you think will go well with any of the chapters, feel free to email it to me. Mel has left clues who she had in mind when she wrote each chapter and I thought the story would look nicer if there are picture insertions. My email is 1cloudmanor(at) (please replace (at) with (@) before sending). Thank you!

    • Huh? I have left clues? What clues? 😛

      I think the picture above is perfect! It gives such a wuxia vibe. It even has a guy in a bamboo hat! Thanks for decorating the chapters with pics, Moonblossom, which definitely makes the posts more interesting and lovely.

      Also, I would like to mention to everyone that the casting of actors to “play” certain characters is something fun for me to do. I like to imagine my favorite actors and actresses in certain roles. However, feel free to imagine your own favorite actors in the roles, if you like. An interesting piece of information is that I played a role in the casting of Wallace Chung only. (He’s my favorite actor at the moment, so of course, he gets to play the leading male character.) The other actors and actresses were picked by readers from the old site I used to post my story at. Sun Fei Fei was picked to be Yan by one of my very loyal readers, who has followed my stories for over 10 years. Liu Shi Shi, being a crowd favorite, got the role of the second female lead. Of course, fans of LSS wanted her to be paired up with Hu Ge, so he got to be Miu Jing Hung. Bak Fei Long will be appearing soon, and his role is still open. I have had votes for Qiao Zhen Yu and Huang Xiao Ming from my old readers. If any new readers have requests, please let me know before I write Bak Fei Long into the story. Thanks.

      • I’m being circumspect – you actually wrote the names of the actor/actresses at the beginning of each chapter. The format of the blog will change as we introduce the main story to make it easier to navigate.

  2. Wow, Moonblossom is omnipotent. Sutekii and I were just talking about an index and next thing I know, the index along with a brief introduction of the prequel appears out of nowhere! It’s like Moonblossom has magical abilities to hear all and do all. 😀

    Thanks so much for writing the brief intro, Moonblossom. It is beautifully written and sums up the current chapters very well. For some reason though, I laughed when I read the summary, because, well, the story just sounds so dramatic that it’s kind of funny and ridiculous. 🙂 This is great. Maybe you can write the brief summary for my other story, too, because I dread squeezing almost 80+ chapters into a few paragraphs.

    By the way, is there any way you can change the word “Foreword” to “Prologue?” Technically, the introduction I have for the story is a prologue, but winglin (the old site the story was posted at) labels everything “foreword.”

      • Hahaha and so the cloud manor Moonblossom has heard my prays! Thanks *hugs* so much easier to navigate then going to the categories section.

      • Most welcome. I have been wanting to do that for a while. Some formatting issues can’t be seen or fixed until there are more articles.

      • Moonblossom has taken over as Master of Cloud Manor after Gong Sun Yun happily sailed off into the sunset with his Wang Yun. 😀 Now, she is even thinking of bringing He Zai into Cloud Manor. Ask her for the details. 🙂

      • *gasp* Moonblossom, are you planning in writing a fiction closure for our dear Hei Zai? Please do! I felt so incomplete with his ending, the author didn’t ervern mention anything of his ending 😦

  3. All in good time. hmm, you can look out for it during Christmas although I’m not sure if it is this christmas or next. : ) Decembi and Melanie are the novelists, not me.

    • When I have to choose a name for the blog, it is a toss-up between “Sun Moon something” or “Cloud Manor” as inspired by my first translation project. In the end, I chose the latter because it allows for more varied contents n this place does feel like a place to contain wuxia scrolls like the Library in “Gentleman Free-floating Cloud”. Furthermore, writers are sometimes known to have their head in the clouds. If so, let this be a comfy cloud to stick your head. 🙂

      • Moonblossom, you should also explain how you came up with the “(C)hinese-Novels in (E)nglish.” I thought it was pretty cool and unique when you explained it to me a long time ago. 🙂

      • This blog and other like One Second Spring, etc, stems from the bloggers’ love for Chinese novels (C-Novels in short). Perhaps I have been listening too much to my son’s playing “Minute in G”, “E-minor in C”, etc, somehow, I thot the words that should follow “C-Novels” should be “C(hinese)-Novels in E(nglish), hence the blog tagname

      • Nice choice !!!

        I loves read your first translation, hopes to read more from you in the future. FIGHTING !!!

      • Thanks! hope u like “Rice Pot” too. It is a funny, fluffy story n I love the OTP to bits because they are so ordinary, yet so extraordinary.

  4. I read a glance of rice pot, but not hook me for the beginning, the avenue when they met so oddly for me to digest.

    I really loves the novel of “gentleman free”. Loves Wang yun character and her sheepishly. I feel the novel too short, hahaha, He Zhai story still many rooms to develop. Btw, I’m not quite clear about he zai feeling, is he romantically loves wang yun?

    • Taiwan novels are typically that length. Glad you like it though. As for He Zai, I can only use my imagination so for me, I think he likes HFY. If he has to die for her, I think he will. It is a pity crazy sect leader is crueler than that n made him choose between HFY n his brother under such harsh conditions.
      I have plans to write a fanfic epilogue for He Za, but I’m having some problems on the language. Do check back this website or Decembi’s in a few months time. Look forward to your support then!

      • Great!!! Waiting for your epilogue.

        I loves HFY’s way of thinking and although she think she just merely lucky but we know as the readers she so smart and witty.

        I like GZY and HZ too, but no much triangle romance for them, hahaha, I feel there’re many rooms for it, eg HFY’s feel for HZ, is she had at some point on their interaction she loves HZ? I just know HFY feel disappointed to HZ.

        I feel this novel would be great if adapted to wuxia drama ^^

  5. Hi moonblossom,

    I continue reading rice pot, I read till chapter 7, I take back my previous comments, I like this novel too so far.

    This novel have many chapters, so FIGHTING!!!! ^^`

    • I’m enjoying translating this book so far (much to my husband’s dismay) so long is good. 😇. The second half of the book is better , so try to hold on until then.

      • Thanks for translating others interesting novel.

        I think starting now I’ll trust your choices, hahaha. I noticed, all your choices I like it, eg Lost You Forever, Gentleman Free, and Rice Pot, oh, I go to other bloggers too to read awesome novel. Thanks for all of you contribution.

        One thing that made me sad, bbjx, the first novel that introduced me to cnovel been hiatus 😦

    • Hi Molly!

      What an incredibly sweet thing to say! Thank you so much. I have actually been sick with cough and fever for the past few days but still worked on finishing up Chapter 27 so I could post it up as promised, so it is very heart warming to know you appreciate the story. Thanks!

      Please let me know if there is anything or any character you wish to discuss. I love discussions. 🙂

      • How about timeline? The story is so fast paced. From the time Sit Chung Nam and Fa Heung Yan meet to the beginning of Chapter 27 about how much time has passed?

      • That is an excellent question, Molly. I am embarrassed to say I am not too sure of the answer myself. I went back and skimmed through all the chapters. It’s weird reading my own work and realizing how fast-paced the story is and how much fighting has occurred already.

        The timeline is vague, but events are progressing at a very, very fast speed. I would say no more than a few fortnights have passed since the beginning of the story until Chapter 27. I truly wish I could give you a more exact answer, but I can’t. I hope the vagueness won’t detract from your enjoyment of the Prequel. I think I tend to just write and write without paying too much attention to time relationships in the story. However, the pace is slowing down a bit, as in Chapter 27, one month has lapsed between Yan’s disappearance and Jing Hung’s reunion with his wife at the well.

        I plan to end Chung Nam and Yan’s story at about 40 chapters. Once I am done, I will go back and decide if I need to alter the timeline. More likely, however, I will just forge ahead and finish my other longer story which I have not finished yet. I briefly thought of writing Sit Tin Pang’s story, but have nixed the idea, since his story is being more or less revealed in the other Legendary Book story.

        Thanks for reading, Molly! Please let me know if you would like to discuss anything else!

  6. will you continue? I just discovered this site. Your story is sooooo good. Much better than many translated ones. Please please finish.

    • Hi Icy,

      Thank you for your comment and your support! The next chapter has actually been sitting around, half finished for a long time. I took a long hiatus due to work. Since work recently started becoming a bit more manageable, I was going to continue writing. But then my dad suddenly passed away over a month ago, and everything sort of came to a screeching halt. My mom and I are slowly learning to adjust to my dad’s absence. I plan on picking up on my writing again in a few months. Please check back for updates. Again, thank you for letting me know you enjoy my story. It means a lot to me.

      • My condolences. It must be so tough.

        Your writing is amazing. I am extremely glad to hear that you have not quit. Thanks for replying.

      • Hi Icy and Moonblossom,

        Thank you, both, for your condolences. I apologize for not responding earlier. I sometimes read comments, rush offline, then forget to come back and post a response.

  7. hi moonblossom/melanie,
    I just happened to somehow find this blog and I started reading the sun-moon and I must say it is beautifully written and I am absolutely hooked. I saw the previous comment about the passing on of your father. I hope you are coping much better without his physical presence. His memories will always be a part of who you are. Hopefully, you can find healing and beauty in writing again. I am a big fan of your work and look forward to finishing the story sometime in the near future.

    • xiao lu,

      Thank you for your condolences. I apologize for not responding earlier. I am horrible at promptly replying to comments, but I really do read every comment regarding my stories. Thank you for reading!

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