Book/Drama Review: The Imperial Coroner (御赐小仵作)

Adapted from the novel with same name by Qing Xian Ya Tou, this is a drama that will not disappoint.  My review of the drama is just 2 words – worth watching.

The 36-episode mystery-romance drama is released in 2021 and available on YouTube with English subs.  The plot, pace, screen play and acting are top-notch despite this being a low-cost production n I salute the production team for putting together such an amazing show on a shoe string budget.

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Temporary Disruption – Princess Consort Is No Pushover

Due to some account issues on our end, readers will not be able to see the Princess Consort posts for about a month or so. Hazel is still translating during this period and will post both new and old chapters once the technical issues have been resolved.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused and keep safe!

Book Review: Divorced Princess Consort Strikes Back (下堂皇妃逆袭记 ) by Er Qi (迩七)

While Hazel and I were discussing about online novels and Prince Consorts, she recommended this novel which took me a couple of days to read because it is over 700 chapters, excluding 100 chapters for epilouge! I enjoyed it though and thought a do a book review, starting with the book synopsis:

“Rong Li, the absolute, last thing I can bear is to have married you.  If you dare seduce me next time, I will write you a divorce letter.”

“No need to wait till next time.  You can write now.”

She, only daughter of the Prime Minister, has done the silliest things in order to get the man she loved to marry her, and became the laughing stock of the capital

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Upcoming New Translation “The Prince Consort is No Pushover”

One bright spark during these restrictive times is that a lot of people are forced to stay home – and get creative. We are happy to come across Hazel who will be guest blogging and translating this c-novel called “神医毒妃不好惹“ which literally means ‘genius doctor/princess is not to be triffled with’. It is a long chinese novel – the type that is over a 1,000 chapters – so I sincerely salute Hazel’s effort to undertake this, in order to share with us this fun story about a sassy surgeon who is going to kick some ass. For now, I’ll just share the synopsis until Hazel starts posting the story probably around Aug 21 or so. In the meantime, stay tuned and stay safe!

She is a genius doctor from the 21st century whose soul got migrated into the body of a despised prince consort in ancient times. Her Prince is an ass who wants to humilates her …. which is fine because he is going to find out soon that she turn tables around faster than you can order french fries.

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Man from the Wild South (Part 17)

1T9553V7-16My original plan was to incorporate part of this chapter in last week’s post but alas, things are pretty hectic recently so I’ll just stick to the book’s pacing. As it is, the next and last post for “Man from Wild South” will likely take 2 weeks instead of 1, as it requires substantial editing.

We meet 2 other ladies today and though their appearances are short, Shang Guan Jin’s Fourth Shi Mei and Xiao Shi Mei are very likable characters. That said, I miss Feng Jin, who is out of the picture for once, and this gives Shang Guan Jin some space to digest what the man means to her and vice versa. Hopefully and unlikely, it will not be a divorce but we’ll see about that in the next and last chapter. Until then, have a smooth-sailing week ahead.

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Man from the Wild South (Part 16)

20150718203644_4veGx.thumb.700_0We are coming to the end of the story and will be done with 2 more posts. But before that, the problems at Yu Ling Sect need to be resolved. Da Shi Jie and Er Shi Ge has died – they might as well not have appeared. so short were their appearances – but there is still a missing girl and potential treasures to be found. What part does Feng Jin play in all this? Read on to find out….

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Man from the Wild South (Part 15)

dd89745c1565c7ab1007c93210a8bc86Hello!  Happy weekend again.   “I am just your plaything” is a cutting but accurate a reflection of the early interactions between Shang Guan Jing and Feng Jin, and the latter should really reflect on his deceit.   True to character, he can still remain haughty when he should be begging for forgiveness but I thought his man-child struggle rather amusing; especially when it does not help Shang Guan Jing to forgive him.  Ha!  There are 2-4 more post before the story ends so lets see how the last arch wraps up….

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Man from the Wild South (Part 14)

Finally! The moment of truth. It took a while to get here and my eyes just keep rolling each time Feng Jin opens his mouth. How did he get the cheek to be so high-handed when he has lied and deceived Shang Guan Jing for so long? This is typical 恶人先告状 (the villain calling the police to arrest the good guys) but just so him. The balance of power has subtly changed and I love to see what else develops next week. Happy weekend dear reader!

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