I love to read.  In the past, I used to read English books until I discovered another universe called chinese novels (c-novels).  Even more amazing thing is the fact that c-novels are not just read by people who understand chinese, they are also read by people who are chinese-illiterate, with the help of audio books and translations.

While guest-blogging at One Second Spring, I chanced upon a delightful novel-in progress written by Melanie. There are actually 2 of them:- (1) “Legendary Book of Sun & Moon Swordplay – The Prequel” and (2) “Legendary Book of Sun & Moon Swordplay”.  As I was reading the prequel, I know I need to get this story to be hosted a newer platform so that more people can read the story since the first version was written years ago and was hosted on and outdated platform.  Although Melanie has less time to write nowadays, and her posts may not appear frequently, feel free to leave your comments/encouragement so that she can complete the series.

The name of this site is inspired by my translation of c-novel “Gentleman Free Floating Cloud” which is my project at One Second Spring.  In that book, Cloud Manor kept records of the happenings in the pugilist world and I thought it is an apt name for a blog that is dedicated to be a home for “Sun & Moon Swordplay” and other c-novels in english form, or what I fondly call “c-novels on e”.  

– Moonblossom –


18 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Mel(s)

    First of all, congratulations on the birth your blog. The blogs name is quite nice 🙂

    Can’t wait to read some of Mel creation and I will keep an eye out for your next translation next project Moonblossom!

    • Thank you Sutekii!
      Sorry for the late reply cos I think I haven’t got the notification set up properly, but yes! a blog, set up by a non-teckky for someone else, ha-ha-ha! May the force be with you too. : )

  2. I want to thank Moonblossom for setting up this site and hosting my stories. She even went as far as posting the chapters for me and responding to reader comments for me in my absence. So thank you, Super Landlord Moonblossom. I am like the absentee tenant, and she is the ever present and helpful landlord. What more could a tenant ask for…except maybe more translations from the landlord when she has time? 🙂

  3. Hello! Thank you for translating The Rice Pot Next Door! I have always been looking for more translated romance novels to read but there’s not enough to satisfy me. Thank god I found your site, because the story was just too sweet! >_< Kind of reminded me of Gu Man's stories…

    • Hi nlxxara, Glad you like Rice Pot. China is really brimming with talented authors. Hopefully more good ones will come up. Gu Man is so popular!

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