Man from the Wild South (Part 14)

Finally! The moment of truth. It took a while to get here and my eyes just keep rolling each time Feng Jin opens his mouth. How did he get the cheek to be so high-handed when he has lied and deceived Shang Guan Jing for so long? This is typical 恶人先告状 (the villain calling the police to arrest the good guys) but just so him. The balance of power has subtly changed and I love to see what else develops next week. Happy weekend dear reader!

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Man from the Wild South (Part 13)

OFeng Jin is so jealous by the supposed intimacy between Bo Lan Zhou and Shang Guan Jing that he didn’t raise a finger to help her, even as she tries so hard to protect him.  Even though he lost some brownie points (not that he has much to start with), all is not lost. Sometimes, it is quite cool to be the Devil of the South…..

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Man from the Wild South (Part 12)

Ah, I get it, the pace of the book is uneven.  Things finally start moving and it becomes easier to translate the going-ons in the wild south.  I quite enjoy translating the wuxia scenes and it is a kick I didn’t quite expect when I started the story.  No everyday I can try dabbling in flying kicks and invincible thunder palms like Melanie.  How many ways can you handle a sword, let me count the ways….

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Man from the Wild South (Part 11)

meiren2Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Feng Jin examines his reflection in the mirror. He has added a dressing table and mirror in the bedroom for Shang Guan Jing but the latter is too used to dressing simply and seldom uses either items. Earlier today, she has said that she is “unused” to his looks, which is why he is now examining himself in the mirror from left to right, top to bottom.

Isn’t there a saying that women like pretty things? If this is true, why is he shunned when he is good-looking now? He has not asked to be born this way either, why fault him for something that is beyond his control?

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