Man From the Wild South (Part 10)

double-happiness-chinese-symbol-known-as-s-used-to-wish-to-married-couple-main-objects-34841772There are about 10 chapters to this story and we are now at chapter 6.  Although Feng Jin is a surprising character, it is actually Shang Guan Jing who shocked me the most in this story because she can bring herself to marry a man whom she doesn’t love.  She doesn’t dislike Feng Jin of course, but I think it is apparent that she only feels pity and friendship towards him. If I can ever get over my disbelief, I find this situation pretty good if you ask me. Feng Jin is not an easy man to live with and it helps if he likes her more than she does. Have a happy week ahead! Continue reading


Man from the Wild South (Part 9)

old man and daughterThings are getting too slow so I have compressed 2 half-chapters into one longer post. An interesting woman appears today and I quite believe everything that Feng Jin says about how he can help the newcomer although Shang Guan Jing is still clueless. Feng Jin has developed strong feelings for Shang Guan Jing which is good for her, to have more bargaining chips in her corner – else I really don’t see how she can have a life with such an powerful n oppressive person like him….

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Man from the Wild South (Part 8)

yyWe have seen the worse of Feng Jin and wouldn’t see Mr Almost-Rapist again. He has made some servants for Shang Guan Jing and we get to see them today,  This is a short story of about 10 chapters so there isn’t much room for development for side characters but even in this short time, I really like his bubbly maid.  She cracks me up everytime she worries that she will be thrown into the furnace because while Shang Guan Jing thinks that she means it figuratively, we know that the threat is quite literal. Ha-ha.  Have a great weekend!

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