Man from the Wild South (Part 4)

This story may not be anywhere near a classic, but I like its many unexpected twists and turns. After a blue moon in the first chapter, we have 2 racing-oxens next. I’m looking forward to what other enchantment Feng Jin can cast but we learn today that he is not that all-powerful and his magic can backfire on him.

I inserted a bloody picture (I meant it literally) at the end of the post and if you are adverse to blood, please do not scroll to the end. Hope you enjoy today’s update.

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Man from the Wild South (Part 3)

In my head, I envision Nan Man to be a place like ancient Singapore, with dangerous tropical forests, dense vegetation and hot, humid weather.  Or Thailand or Vietnam since we don’t have rice fields in Singapore. While the author probably has Vietnam in mind since it is geographically south of china’s border just like Nan Man, some of the magical stuff in the story reminds me of the black magic in Thailand. I have only heard a handful of black magic or jiang tou stories that exists in Thailand but it is enough for me to have a healthy fear of them. Although the enchantment that Shang Guan Jing encountered today is nothing vicious like jiang tou, I nonetheless thought that she should have been more careful. The black magic of South East Asia is nothing to scoff at.

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Man from the Wild South – Part 2

Happy-Weesak-Day_zps0cdeac36Embarrassment, embarrassment. I am competing today with the heroine Shang Guan Jing for the top placement in embarrassment. She is mortified by a rumbling stomach and poor manners while I have to bury my head beneath a pillow and say – Sorry! the guy’s name is “Feng Jin” and not “Su Jin”.  I can’t believe I made the same mistake after calling  ‘Su Ling’ as ‘Feng Ling’ (Mistaken Marriage Match – Legendary Military Advisor) but I just did.

Anyway, to move on, here is the next chapter on the first face-to-face interaction between Shang Guan Jing and Feng Jin. I am more into para for para translation at the beginning but will move to a more summarized style subsequently. And as today is Vesak in Singapore, here is wishing all Buddhists a blessed Vesak.

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