Nan Man Jin Lang (Man from the Wild South) – Part 1

Hello everyone. It has been a while. I’m not sure how well this next story will turn out but I’ll have another go at translation while juggling the challenges of everyday life. (Hint: Reorgs. Why do we keep moving people around every 2-4 years when this is more disruptive and irritating than having a pimple on the nose?)

Anyway, back to this story “Nan Man Jin Lang” (南蛮锦郎) which translates to “Mr Jin of the Wild South”, it is written by Taiwanese author Lei En Na (Leonna?) and is a short Wu Xia story mixed with some magic mojo. The male lead is a black-bellied sorcerer called Feng Jin who was called out of his isolated shell when a righteous, honorable swordswoman Shang Guan Jing barged into his life.

Like Zhou Wen Wu in my last translation, Feng Jin is an anti-hero. I don’t even like him half the time but I like the plot and if it means Feng Jin gets to eat dirt from time to time, it should be quite an interesting read. At least the beginning is interesting. Read on and see if you agree.

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