Book Review: With Clear Conscience by Ling Shu Fen

Hello! Hope you have been keeping well.  I have been reading a lot recently and like to share with you this book entitled “With Clear Conscience” (俯仰无愧 pinyin: Fu Yang Wu Kui) by Taiwanese author Ling Shu Fen.

fuyangwukui2.jpg“俯仰无愧” is a Chinese idiom and is also part of a verse. In means that a person can hold his head high if he has a clear conscience.  仰 (Yang) is a pun on the hero’s name Yun Yang, and like his name, he is a righteous, honest, kind young swordsman, who brought up his 2 xiao shi mei from babies to adults.

Alas, the story started with the adult disciples hearing from their Teacher that they have used up all their money. Since they are broke, they have to disband and live on their own from henceforth.  Continue reading