Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 10)

coyotes-fall-cliffGreetings after such a long break and apologies for falling off the virtual cliff. I has been working on this post for more than a week and because it is so long, it has taken me quite a while to summarize and edit the passage.

Lou Chen is not an easy heroine to be in love with. Not only is she incredibly independent and self-sufficient, she has a slew of protective bodyguards, brother, father, uncle and aunts plus an elite background, which makes it truly difficult to imagine a man worthy enough for her, or brave enough to chase after her. Jian Yan Heng may not be her social equal but he is smart, adorable, supremely self-confidant and thus perfect for her. The chapter I choose today illustrates just how compatible they are and shows Jian Yan Heng at his best – and most thick-skin. Enjoy.

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