Straight Road: Epilogue 3 (Part 24) (End)

fireworks-animation-19-2That’s it! Here is the last installment of A Straight Road, which mark the completion my third translation project. Yey!!

This is one very likable chapter, with my favorite quip in the book – the men, the sea, they are all waiting for you. As for who is waiting for who, I’ll leave it to you to read and find out.

In epilogues 1 & 2, we learn about Gong Sun Ling, Jiang Jiu, and how Xu Zhi inadvertently rescued their souls by providing a physical and emotional haven for them. In this last epilogue, it is time for Zhou Wen Wu’s redemption and he has truly come a long way from the proud, violent, angry man at the start of the book.

To all my readers, thank you for following the story. I have not expected to take 7 months to complete this when I first started so it may be pretty frustrating for a reader. Still, I hope that you have enjoyed the story  and its characters because they are not your garden-variety kind of crazy, I mean romantic heros and heroines. If you have friends who may like the story, do let them know about my website for it feels nice when I still see new readers for “Rice Pot Next Door” or “Gentleman Free Float Cloud”.

Until the next post, take care.

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Just A Straight Road: Epilogue 2 (Part 23)

Jiang Jiu actually has quite a number of appearances in the story which I have removed in order to keep my recap ‘short’. He is an enigma who seems totally loyal to Xu Zhi until we find out that he reports to the Emperor. He looks after Xu Zhi very well but yet he has no qualms trying to kill her when he is under the spell of the Soul Snatching Bell.

This put him in a really bad light compared to Zhou Wen Wu when caught in a similar situation and I was ready to write him off as a likeable character until I learn more about him in this epilogue. I like this epilogue because it is finally answers the question that has appeared on-and-off the story – is Xu Zhi a cold and heartless person? I also like this epilogue because we finally see the bottom-most layer of the plot. Xu Zhi could have ended up romantically with Zai Lin or Jiang Jiu, had not been for Gong Sun Ling. Zhou Wen Wu’s luck is truly amazing that he managed to get his woman with so many outstanding men surrounding her but I am glad, that he is the one.

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 8)

noodle soupA very good day to you. Apologies for taking so long to post and I sincerely hope that everyone is having a better time than me.   While searching on where I left off for this story, I came across these 2 chapters, which goes along the lines of “Bun” and “Noodles”, which happened shortly before the Imperial banquet.  Although I am  not moving the story forward based on plot today, I think that you will enjoy reading these 2 light-hearted chapters which really showcase why Jian Yan Heng is the one to get the girl and not say, Yu Xuan, Xing Mu (Young Master of Sword Manor), or other persona non grata.

Have fun, stay chill, and I hope to “surface” again in 2 weeks to tell you about Jiang Jiu epilogue.

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