Just a Straight Road: Epilogue 1 (Part 22)

"Gratitude - Knowing and Repayment"

“Gratitude – Knowing and Repayment”

The epilogues are an integral part of the story and form a mini-story by themselves with interlinking titles. The first story is about Ting Wei, Xu Zhi’s supposed enemy in court, but who let her through the City Gates when the Emperor has ordered her arrest. After reading this, I think there is a high possibility that Xu Zhi is really telling the truth when she claims that his letter to her  (to release her prisoners to the court)  is merely a way to let her admire his calligraphy.

If you are wondering why Ting Wei sounds like a different person than Gong Sun Ling, it is because ancient Chinese have several names – the name they are given before they come of age, the name which is officially recorded in the ancestral records when they marry and come of age, and for the rich and influential, another name upon burial. I could have missed something as I summarize this long epilogue into something that is only 3,400 words, but Ting Wei is likely an official title while Gong Sun Ling is likely his name before he comes of age.

Just a heads up – due to some work contingencies, I will upload the next installment of “Pursuit of Murderer” in another 2 weeks time, and after that, I’ll come back with the remaining 2 epilogues of “A Straight Road” on a weekly basis. In the meantime, stay well, and stay happy.

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Just a Straight Road (Part 21)

023351Ha-1 Yey! We have reached the end of the “Straight Road” and after I condense the epilogues – 1 on Ting Wei, 1 on Jiang Jiu and 1 on Zhou Wen Wu, we will be done with the whole story where all loose ends including the interest on ZXC’s ending, will be tied up.  The only question mark is probably the part about the coin bank which I never did understand but from what I gather, the story goes like this:  A long time ago, Xu Hui came across some old coin banks and sent them to Xu Zhi.  Xu Zhi kept them in her library and noticed that the images on one of the containers actually changed overnight so she started keeping track on what appeared on the coin bank every day.

There seems to be a spirit residing in the coin bank which gives it such “life” and it is how Xu Zhi got to know about Sun Shi Yang somehow. The spirit has no form, and is neither malicious nor helpful.  But it is obviously unhappy that Xu Zhi manage to learn things from it that it rather keep hidden and its unhappiness can be manifested in falling ladders that nearly crushed Xu Zhi in the library.

Xu Zhi has not reached a conclusion on the coin bank but Zhou Wen Wu – being the suspicious sort – is convinced that there is something strange about it and he would rather get rid of all possible dangers before it harm the woman he loves.  Ok, that is about the coin bank for the moment.  Enjoy the chapter and see you again next week.

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Just a Straight Road (Part 20)

The-Stone-Fruits-of-Summer-HGEATS-Twitter-Chat-300x199Dear readers, it feels like it has been quite a while so hope you are keeping cool in this hot summer.  I just returned from a remote mountain minsu (B&B) in Taiwan and I must say, Taiwan remains my favourite holiday destination after I first visited the island in 2010.  Lala mountain may not be as majestic or cooling like Alishan but it is good enough a place to take a break and trek along its streams and trails.  I was lucky to ran into the harvest season for peaches and it was fun to be plucking peaches instead of being an OL for a change.

Back to ‘Straight Road’, we pick off where Xu Zhi goes for her head operation.   Operation or no, that woman is a weird one although I quite enjoy her rather unusual brand of romance.  If I were her boyfriend, I’ll probably dump her for someone more romantic woman but too bad, Zhou Wen Wu is hers for life.  Well I guess, that is what we say in chinese一个愿打,一个愿挨 (one beats willingly and the other willing gets beaten) for you,

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