Just a Straight Road (Part 19)

Zhao Zi Huan brings Xu Zhi to his holiday home not too far from the Capital and gives her the master bedroom being his honored guest. It is where Zai Lin finds her, sitting on a bed so big that 3 people can lie on it with plenty of room to spare.

Zai Lin has shaved and is dressed simply like a commoner.  However, his movements and mannerisms are unmistakably elegant and belie his noble heritage.  “Da Gu Niang, you will be fine.  You are not suitable for any long-distance travel so I have arranged for Sun Shi Yang to operate on you in this house as soon as possible.”  He looks at her expectantly.  “Da Gu Niang, are you not going to ask where I found Sun Shi Yang?”

“Where did you find Sun Shi Yang?”

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 7)

tumblr_nasq59uZKX1tf48o1o10_500If there is a title for today’s post, it will be “Hong Men Yan” (literally translate to Banquet at Big Gate) a famous banquet in ancient China where The West Conqueror invited Liu Bang to dinner.  Liu Bang is the less-powerful of the 2 during that time and The West Conqueror  wants to assess and murder him on the spot – if the meeting can prove that the latter is a threat.

In Liao Yue’s capital, Lou Chen and Jian Yan Heng may have the silent backing of the ex-Prime Minister and a stoic general to ward off  assassins from the pugilist world and lesser evil.  But  in face of the biggest chess piece on the board – the Emperor – they provide little protection.

Those who read Mistaken Marriages 1: Record of Washed Grievance may remember Bai Yi, a sneaky Liao Yue prince who was thwarted by Lou Xi Yan.  Well, Bai Yi has been promoted to Emperor now and he has never forgotten the insult in his youth (he is so petty!!), so he has arranged a nice Hong Men Yan for Lou Chen today.  Let’s see how she fares…

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Just A Straight Road (Part 18)

The story continues at a break-neck pace with even more unexpected turns and I think you will like the developments. For readers who like “Pursuit of a Murderer”, rest assured  that I have not forgotten it and will put up a new chapter in my next post. It is just that the plot of a “Straight Road” has reached its boiling point and I thought to settle the most intense part of the story at one go, before anyone falls of the “cliffs” as in cliffhanger  of the past few posts. If the book was interesting up to now, the past few chapters are simply intriguing and I can’t wait to get to the last page!

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Just A Straight Road (Part 17)

20130315113730471First and foremost, thank you Melanie for helping me to flesh out the fighting scenes today.  I only use a bit of what you wrote to suit the pace of the story but the  your kungfu scenes are simply amazing.  Thank you for your peerless sword of valor again.

The happenings at opening ceremony of the Hunting Festival is totally unexpected and catches everyone off guard.  The sudden re-appearance and usage of the Soul Snatching bell is a surprise as it causes chaos, bloodshed, but it also reveal heart and loyalty. I personally enjoyed crafting this chapter for it is fast paced and gripping, so be warned, take a deep breath readers, and here we go….

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Just A Straight Road (Part 16)

We move on to the last arc of the story and for all the readers who are still around; it is payback time as all the loose pieces fall into place.  I remember feeling surprised – the nice kind – when I first read this story and hope that you like the following development as well.

For now, I just want to reiterate that Xu Zhi is a nerd.  Sometimes, she say things that sounds unfeeling  but she meant it factually with no ill-will.  And despite what the 2 Zhou brothers think, she does not always say the truth so don’t take her too literally.   Continue reading

Just A Straight Road (Part 15)

t01536c536edee0f4b7Sounds of labored breathing floated from behind the bed curtains as 2 bodies twine together like vines of a tree. Zhou Wen Wu is loath to move away from her lips as his lips earnestly seek out their mate. After a long time, he finally feels her response and pulls back slightly to observe her pale face. A watery sheen clouds her eyes as he kisses a particularly sensitive spot. “Ah Wu…”

Her reaction seems more like she is having a headache instead of being aroused. He pulls her chemise over her shoulder as he presses her head against his chest. “Have I been conned?”

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