Just A Straight Road (Part 14)

TongmoBaiHuaJiangJiu3As popular as Zhou Wen Wu is, today’s post is about the other “people around Xu Zhi” and I have found 3 cute characters that remind me of Jiang Jiu, Bai Hua and Tong Mo. it is no accident that the author wrote a flashback on Zai Lin’s death and Xu Zhi’s “cold-bloodedness” when she did not express sadness at his passing. How did this incident impact Jiang Jiu? What kind of impression did she leave on Tong Mo, who is Zai Lin’s widow? From what we have seen so far, Jiang Jiu and Tong Mo seems to genuinely cares for Xu Zhi but does such a heartless person deserve their concern? The story gets a bit darker at this point but I like the darkness because it add layers to the book and gels well with the ending.

Happy midweek everyone!

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 6)

UntitledLou Chen is an incredibly talented woman. She is classy, highly-skilled in wushu, medicine and dissecting bodies. She would probably put off most men but Jian Yan Heng is not one of them. He is impressed  by her capablities but he has never felt intimated in her presence, which says a lot about his own self-confidence. He believes that there is no point in being envious at other people as there are always someone smarter out there, and based on that attitude alone, he would make a wonderful husband to Lou Chen. Of course, it matters that his hide is as thick as a rhino, and slowly, he is making inroads with Lou Chen.

Another body appears today and let’s go see Lou Chen and Jian Yan Heng in action!

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Just A Straight Road (Part 13)

UntitledHello, hello!  This may come a bit late this week but here it is, hot off my keyboard, of the next posting of A Straight Road.   This is a little after the half-way mark of the story, epilogues included, so we are doing well with the progress of the story.  Zhou Wen Wu definitely have the hots for Xu Zhi, while she…. sigh, I actually pity Zhou Wen Wu. He seemed to have liked Xu Zhi for the longest time and it is ironic that he only has a chance to be with her after the death of his prestigious former self.  Is it a blessing?  With Miss Xu, I actually think it is a case where there is much room for contention.  If the guy I like dare to mistake me the way she mistakes ZWW, I might just live perpetually in a pool so that I don’t overheat and kill someone by accident.  Enjoy.


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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 5)

UntitledHello readers!  Hope you have been keeping well.  It has been a longer-than-intended break from “Pursuit of a Murderer” and I must say I miss the light-hearted banter of Jian Yan Heng and the wits of Lou Chen.  Especially when you compare the people of Liao Yue with Xi Xuan, the people in this book is literally bright sunshine compared to the light from a  LED light which have been left on for 2,000 hours and about to die any second.  I did not manage to cover much ground of Book 2 today, but Jian Yan Heng made one of his most moving speeches.  To me, a man who is clear of who he is and who dares commit so much to the woman he likes is definitely a man worth keeping.  See if you agree.

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Just A Straight Road (Part 12)

funday_morning_cartoon_182So after a night of did they or did they not do it – they did not by the way –  Xu Zhi wakes up rested and ready to find out all about the mysterious bell.  I especially like the moment of truth for Lou Guang Quan when he finally pieces together all that has happened, and thanks to Zhou Wen Wu, a trip seems to be in the making with a possible cure for Xu Zhi.

Before we go there, I want to mention that my next post will be for Pursuit of Murderer so it will be about 2 weeks later before we pick up again for Just a Straight Road.    Until then, have a great weekend and great week ahead!

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