Just A Straight Road (Part 11)

Hello!  Apologies for dropping off a cliff – working can be such a bitch sometimes – but here is the latest installment on “A Straight Road”.  Everyone is unusual in Xu Zhi’s household.  The mistress is a total nerd, her lady-in-waiting is scary, and her bedmate is like a tickling time bomb with murderous tendencies especially when he gets jealous.  Still, it is apparent that Zhou Wen Wu is revealing more dimensions to his character and I’m pleasantly surprised by his considerate gestures here and there.  Is this his real self shining through?  If it is, then he seems to be quite a sweetie by nature.

Having said so, today is quite a grim chapter so let me get this bit of darkness out of the way before we move on to more fun when Xu Zhi interrogates her prisoners.  Until next week, take care!

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Just a Straight Road (Part 10)

It has been a hectic, hectic week so I don’t have much chance to work on this before today. That aside, today’s chapter should be interesting as we see the dynamics between Xu Zhi and “the people besides her” (in chinese, which basically refers to her assistants).  Her assistants appear devoted to her (or are they really?) while she does not appear to be too concerned over their well-being.  I still like her interactions with Zhou Wen Wu the most n he is back in full force today. And such a cute and caring force . : )

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Just a Straight Road (Part 9)

UntitledWhen Lou Quan Guan offers to release Xu Zhi if Zhou Wen Wu follows him out of the city, he is surprised that Zhou Wen Wu actually agrees to do so. Before he can question Zhou Wen Wu further, their carriage has reached the city gate and Lou Quan Guan asks Xu Zhi to pretend that they are her servants and to tell the guards that she is leaving the city.

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Just a Straight Road (Part 8)

Screen shot 2016-05-01 at PM 11.31.06We are somewhere near the mid-point of the story and it is high time for some much-needed plot developments.

The appearance of a bell that can hypnotize people is interesting and I like its effect on our 2 leads.  Zhou Wen Wu, in particular, seems to be finally coming out of his “Alas, woe me” mode and we get to see his reaction to Xu Zhi when he is under the spell of the bell.  His captor is surprising comical as well and this kidnapping is turning out to be quite an unusual kidnapping attempt.  Who is the real target here?


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