Just a Straight Road (Part 7)

Screen shot 2016-04-26 at PM 11.12.08This story may be a bit dark and sad at times, but the next few chapters are full of humor. Dark humor perhaps, but still funny stuff.  Ah ha, so Zhou Wen Wu has tried to pursue Xu Zhi before.  Did he truly liked her then, or it it merely to further his political interest?

I love it when his jealousy turns around and hit him squarely on the face.  Even if it is  years later. I get the feeling that he genuinely likes Xu Zhi and does not want her to die, so the the situation today is just classic.  And the bell –  finally, some plot movement so I’ll stop yakking and get on with the story.


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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 4)

It took 1 book – 1 entire book before getting round to the “murder” in the book title.  While I have grumbled about the long journey it took for me to see the body – and it is an old body to boot –  after browsing through the skimpy online version and coming up with a even skimpier English recap myself, I deadcan only say that I’m glad to have laboured 2 weekends on the printed book, because the details truly help to appreciate all the characters better.

But one thing I love about the book, is the subtle links  with the other stories in the series, some of which are mention today.  Can’t wait to read the next book when it is printed. Happy Friday and weekend!

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Just a Straight Road (Part 6)

I was rushing to post this last Tuesday when I realize I have not even posted Part 5 yet! Can’t believe I am so blur? but at least the good news is that there is more time to edit today’s post.   : ) There are many flashbacks in this story and I have decided to add headers like “long time ago” when recapping the book to make the time leaps less confusing. Today’s flashback talk about the prophecies on Zhou Wen Wu’s and Zhou Wen Cheng and I really like the way how the prophecies played out in the book. Let’s go back in time to hear what Master Yuan Tu has predicted for the princes. Is he really a divine fortune teller, or is he a fake? Let’s go back in time now….


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Just a Straight Road (Part 5)

201311_Knives_chopping_boardsHi Readers!  How are you?  Busy as work and exams may be, life is actually a lot less hazardous compared to ancient times.  Let’s take Xi Xuan as an example.  The noble circle is a volatile circle in Xi Xuan and ever so often, the Emperor will order entire families to be axed or punished leaving little or no survivors.

Jiang Jiu’s family is one of the fallen, but he has been promised a chance of a new life once he completes 10 years of service as Xu Zhi’s valet-cum-assistant. Before him, Xu Zhi has another valet-cum-assistant called Zai Lin – presumably another fallen – who died 7 years ago shortly after Jiang Jiu has joined the household.  He has a mute wife and Xu Zhi has allowed his widow – Tong Mo – to stayed on after Zai Lin’s death seeing that she has nowhere left to go.

Tong Mo’s full name is Wu Tong Mo, and her family is another victim of the Royal Chopping Board. Her brother, Wu Tong Sheng, is my favourite side character in an earlier book as he is a highly-skilled warrior with good leadership qualities. Had he not been punished and ended up at a male brothel, he would have become one of Xi Xuan’s great generals and Tong Mo would have remained a lady instead of becoming servant. So what does it take to be Xu Zhi’s servant? Let’s find out.

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 3)

20150414164676477647Hello readers! This exerpt follows immediately after Yu Xuan’s walkabout with Lou Chen and shows the reader that Jian Yan Heng is making progress with Miss Lou although he does not know it yet.

Jian Yan Heng is a smart man but I like to think that his filial ways is also one of his more admirable traits.  Surely, a man who knows the meaning of ‘gratitude’ must have a good core. From an early age, Yan Heng has realized that his aunt becomes uneasy whenever he tops the class or does something praise-worthy so for her sake, he has played the male equivalent of dumb-blond for years while he keeps his personal development under wraps. The danger that surrounds him and Lou Chen builds with the reveal of his past and the appearance of the assassins mastermind who seems way too interested in Lou Chen for my liking. Yikes, let’s hope that these 2 have more ammunition up their sleeves!

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