Just a Straight Road (Part 4)

UntitledThe Xi Xuan people are a blunt lot. They have a graphic courtship song, which Miss Xu uses to showcase her vocals today. But not to Zhou Wen Wu of course – that man is still hoping that she will drop dead at the next full moon at this stage. I think there are 2 more lines that talk about ‘strong legs’ and ‘waves of pleasure’ but I guess we’ll hear the song again when she is ready to sing and mean it. In the meantime, I find it cute to see how she goes through life in her robotic way.

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 2)

20150402H0133_mCuBV.thumb.700_0There is a cute second lead in the “Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue”. To be exact, he is supposed to be a man of authority with few words. Steely, manly, cool – someone like a male version of Lou Chen – but I just find him cute. Yan Tai Yu Xuan, today’s post is for you.

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Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue (Part 1)

YLZX5Flipping through the online version of “Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue “《错嫁良缘 – 燎越追凶》, I found that it is much more sharper version of the printed book which I read, which can be both a good and bad thing. I like the succinct, faster-paced online version but when I discover some punch lines that are dropped (like the “moral of the story” which you will read about later on), I would hesitate to say that I prefer the online version after all.

I intend to summarize the book in about 5-7 posts, so DO NOT READ ON IF YOU INTEND TO READ THE NOVEL. If you are not, join me to take a peek at our affable Jian Yan Heng and the always-#101-expression Miss Lou Chen.

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Just a Straight Road (Part 3)

Xi Xuan is a fictional country and I like to share some background on it, based on  an earlier story written by the same author.  During Xu Zhi’s era, Xi Xuan is the dominant state among Bei Tang, Wei, and Nan Ling. Their Emperor is a tyrant and their royals, such as Zhou Wen Wu, are big bullies. They hold foreign princes hostages in their country and the nobles are a superficial, snobbish lot. Their people have liberated views on male/female relationships and they have entertainment venues for men and women, although female patrons for such establishments are few and far between.

The Xu sisters are one such exception as they come from a rich and prominent family. Their eldest daughter Xu Zhi in particular, can literally do anything she pleases because she is one of their national icons, and the Emperor likes the prestige of being her lord.  Xu Zhi commands great respect across the land as the Grand Scholar and as long as she is part of Xi Xuan, she is a source of pride and many people – from Emperor to servants – treasure her existence. Continue reading

Book Review: A Mistaken Marriage Match – Pursuit of Murderer in Liao Yue《错嫁良缘 - 燎越追凶》

image1This is the fifth and latest novel in the “Mistaken Marriage” 《错嫁良缘》series by Qian Lu (浅绿).  Having read and liked most of the earlier books, I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of it in our good o’ National Library since it was just published in Jan 16  and managed to read it last weekend.

The story is about Lou Chen, the only, extremely intelligent daughter of the Premier who left home after making a bet with her cousins. She decides to visit their neighbouring country Liao Yue on a whim, but barely a few days into her trip, she gets embroiled in a mystery murder which leads her to meet a happy-go-lucky constable, Jian Yan Heng. Continue reading