Chapter 16: Dreams and Reminiscence

Author’s note: Sit Tin Pang is Sit Chung Nam’s eldest son, just in case everyone has forgotten about the little boy in the Prologue from Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay – The Prequel.

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Annie Man Chung Han—So Siu Han  蘇小嫻
Gilbert Lam Wai Sun—Lam Yik Lun  林億
Adam Cheng Siu Chow—Emperor  皇上
Angie Cheung Wai Yee—Cheung Yim Na 
Louis Koo Tin Lok—Gu Yat Fei  日飛

Sit Tin Pang 薛天鵬
Ching Ching 清清


Blissfully unaware of Lun’s discomfort, Siu Han, being an “active sleeper,” wiggled on top of her human pillow every few minutes, unknowingly keeping Lun in a constant state of arousal. Finally, unable to take this torment any longer, he wrapped his arms snugly around her to prevent further sinuous movements. Gradually, as fatigue overcame him, he dozed off and silence filled the room, except for quiet breathing. As Lun slept with Siu Han’s heart beating close to his, he drifted off to a time long ago, when two other individuals’ hearts also beat as one…

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Chapter 15: The Search Begins

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Andy Lau Tak Wah—Lam Siu Tin  林笑天
Idy Chan Yuk Lin—Chan Yin Yuk  嬿玉
Gilbert Lam Wai Sun—Lam Yik Lun  林億
Annie Man Chung Han—So Siu Han  蘇小嫻
Louis Koo Tin Lok—Gu Yat Fei  日飛
Benny Chan Ho Man—Gu Yat Keung  日強
Gigi Lai Chi—Lam Suk Chi  姿
Helena Law Lan—Grandmother Fa  婆婆

Guest appearances in this chapter:
Tony Leung Chiu Wai—Ha Ming 
Kitty Lai Mei Han—Kwan Suet Lin  雪蓮


The voice switched to a serious tone. “The Seer has awakened. You must find this person immediately.”

Siu Tin shook his head in confusion. “But I thought the Seer does not exist and is nothing more than an ancient legend.”

The voice sighed. “Oh, no… The Seer is very real…very real… She is, after all, one of the founders of our Sun Moon Sect.”

Yin Yuk’s eyes lit up in alarm as a new thought occured to her. “Teacher, if the Seer has reincarnated, then according to the legend that means…”

Siu Tin finished his wife’s sentence. “That the reincarnation of the Guardian will soon also awaken, and the Swords of Sun and Moon will resurface to again attain their former glory!”

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(The Prequel) Chapter 26: Confrontation

Hi, everyone.  I’m back.  I haven’t posted for so long that the formatting has changed on Cloud Manor, and it took me a while to figure out how to post again.  Ha.  Anyway, what’s a wuxia story without a big, messy fight for the top position in wulin, right?  Well, here is the set up for the big fight.  Have fun reading, and please leave me some comments if you have time.  Thank you.  I appreciate the support.

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay – The Prequel

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Wallace Chung Hon Leung 鍾漢良—Sit Chung Nam 薛钟南
Sun Fei Fei 孙菲菲—Fa Heung Yan a.k.a. Black Rose 花香燕
Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建華—Kuk Wai 曲偉
Chen Hao 陈好—Fa Heung Ling a.k.a. Poison Snake 花香伶
Lawrence Yan Chi Keung 甄志強—Ling Dong 凌東
Leader Luk Dai Yung of Heavenly Crane School 陆大勇


“Well, well,” the intruder purred.  “How cozy you two look!  Don’t you think so, dear husband?”  She sneered as her gloating eyes shifted toward the tall man standing beside her.

Yan jerked around and stared at the cave entrance.  “Who is…?”  She began, but her question trailed off as she recognized the two new arrivals.

Her elder sister, Poison Snake Fa Heung Ling, smirked at her. 

Standing stiffly next to her, Kuk Wai stared quietly straight ahead at her and Chung Nam.  His dark, intense eyes twitched once, the only sign of his deep anguish and shock.

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Happy 2016!

Happy SnowmanDear readers,

We thank you for your festive wishes and like to use this post to share a bit on what we have been doing.

Moonblossom survived her first sub-zero holiday and had a good time in Seoul eating Korean BBQ and building happy snowman on the slopes of her ski resort, before flying over to Bangkok for a shopping and spa holiday, while Melanie took a hiatus from updating her stories as she enjoyed a chilly but wonderful couple of weeks in Vienna, Salzburg, and Bratislava, gawking at towering cathedrals, gleefully clamoring around castle ruins, and savoring Austrian chocolates. She then headed to Carlsbad, California for a conference. Now that she is back home, her New Year resolution is to start slowly churning out chapters again (as time permits).

It has been a great month for travels and as we wave goodbye to the holidays, we like to take this opportunity to wish you a a good year ahead. May 2016 bring GOOD RESULTS for those studying, RECOGNITION and GOOD BONUS for those working, and may it also bring happy relationships with our friends and family.

Happy New Year from us at Cloud Manor!

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