Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 94 – 95 (Final)


Ac3YLIAThank you everyone, for following the story of Lan Shan, Qiao Feng, Wu Wen and Ms Lunapig.  We have finally reach the last page and I vividly remember the sense of satisfied closure when I finally reached this point many months back.  “Rice Pot Next Door” has been an amazing journey and to pre-empt all the thank you-s, let me say that you are the best readers ever and it is a pleasure to meet you at Cloud Manor.  I have started writing my fanfic but I’m not satisfied with it, so I’ll just mull over it some more and see if it can improve enough to be posted by year end.

The December hols are coming and I sincerely hope that it will be a fun time for you.  I myself, will be going to Seoul for a snow-filled holiday (yippee!), before going back to work, then off to Bangkok (yippy-yippee!) for another trip before starting the New Year.  So join me, have fun in your corner of the world, do something kind, and hope that one day, the kindness will benefit your loved ones as well.

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