Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 93 – 94

imagesWhat a cute chapter!   I’m am absolutely enjoying someone’s misery as well as the reappearance of a character who has appeared at the start of the main story.  I like how the main story and epilogue intertwine with each other – each separate but yet linked – and I think you will like today’s chapter before we round off next week on the story of Big Bad Wu-lf and a Little Pig.  Happy halloween and happy weekend folks!

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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 90 – 91

stairwellBusy days are here again, so there is no chance for bi-weekly posting although I do have a nice, long chapter for you today.  Shrisa56 has suggested making the website mobile friendly but I have no chance to research if there are some settings that can make the layout mobile friendly,  if you already know off-hand, do let me know,  otherwise, I’ll just research on this in my spare time.

The story of Boss Wu and Xiao You Cai takes a dim, then bright turn and I really miss the light-hearted banter of earlier chapters.  Let’s hope the romance works out well and please bring back all the funny moments.

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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 89 – 90


strollHappy weekend dear readers!  The nice, smart Dong Li Dong is more than what he appears and gets outed by Wu Wen.  Xiao You Cai gets her nose bumped as a result I can only say this week is really not her week.  Thank goodness Wu Wen is better to her than she thinks (or he thinks for that matter) and I look forward to see what Boss Wu would do once he realizes that he likes her.

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Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapters 87 – 88

89 holding handsThe story of Macho Man vs Little Woman zips along and we are introduced to a new character and a class gathering that ups the blood pressure of Macho Man by 10 points.  Er, maybe 20 points. I think that at this stage, Wu Wen does not really like Xiao You Cai, but he is keenly aware of her.   I really like the way he gets riled up over something that he deems so unimportant – and at the openly unscrupulous way that Xiao You Cai will do to cop a feel.  hee-hee-hee!


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