Rice Pot Next Door (Epilogue): Chapter 79

Su Luo ployI like epilogues generally as we usually get tidbits of the main couple, or interesting spinoffs of side characters.  Jiu Xiao Qi wrote 2 epilogues for “Rice Pot” which is incorporated into the main chapters in the web version of the book.  Chapter 79 is rather long, so I have break it up into 2 parts for ease of editing. The chinese heading goes more like “Su Luo Make Death Tale” which I have no idea what to make of “Make Death”, so I came up with my version after reading the chapter.  Happy reading.


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Rice Pot: The S.S. Chapter

missing pgWhen I was translating the book, there was a time when I thought the pace was too draggy so I Severely Summarized (S.S.) the whole of Chapter 25 into one sentence that goes something like “Qiao Feng invites Lan San to his home for tea.”. Now that the book is finished, I am more comfortable to release this chapter and in retrospect, it actually makes a nice epilogue. I will publish this chapter here and will add this section in my published post so that when people read this story next time, they would read about this chapter as they would in the original story. Continue reading

Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 78

celebrate catIt is with great pleasure that I present the last chapter of Jiu Xiao Qi’s “Rice Pot Next Door”. Sometimes, I feel sadness when putting down a book especially when I have grown fond of its characters, but because we have got so much pre, during, post romance goodness, I am truly happy to wave Lan Shan and Qiao Feng into the sunset.

Closing the ‘book’, the web synopsis caught my eye and I must say that with such a cliché synopsis, the story has unfolded above and beyond my expectations.

“Yo, Rice Pot next door. You ate so much of my rice, how are you going to repay me?”

“Money? I do not want money. I want you.”

Happy reading.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 77

Rocking-Chair-Couple-Mature-Couple-Figurine-If this book ever has a serious bone, this chapter would be it. Qiao Feng has some old-fashion and simple beliefs which I share. There is beauty in each stage of our life, and rather than holding on to something as transient as looks, we should focus on living each day to its fullest so that there is plenty to look back on when we are finally too old and infirm to move. I have been brainwashed by my mom since young, not to heed any slimming or beauty advertisements because people’s agenda is to try sell their products – which is probably why I am so plump nowadays. Having said so, I am still happily brainwashed and at peace with my shape. (Round is a shape too, no?)

As I read, I have a suspicion that the author has this Chinese song in mind when she wrote this chapter. Zhao Yonghua sang this song called “The Most Romantic Thing” and the lyrics go like “the most romantic thing I can think of, is to slowly grow old with you….. and when you are finally too old to go anywhere, you would still view me as the treasure that you hold in your palm.” I can nearly see it happening in Lan Shan and Qiao Feng’s story, and I am really so in love with this two.   Happy reading!

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 76

Brown_moneyI like this chapter, if only to show how lucky Lan Shan is to be loved by 2 men rolling in money.  Song Zi Cheng finally makes it right and shows a hint of the potential that his character could have been (but too bad the story is ending so all the best to you buddy!) wile Qiao Feng is cute as ever.  Man, where are these people in real life?  I like to be a shop owner too. : )

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(The Prequel) Chapter 25: I Will Dance for You When We Meet Again

Hi, everyone.  It has been a long time!  I have been very busy lately between work and family.  I know I don’t have many readers.  However, I assure you that I will keep writing, no matter how busy, as long as I know there is at least one reader waiting for the next update.  Happy reading!

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay – The Prequel

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Wallace Chung Hon Leung 鍾漢良—Sit Chung Nam 薛钟南
Sun Fei Fei 孙菲菲—Fa Heung Yan a.k.a. Black Rose 花香燕
Yuen Siu Mo 袁劭武
Chen Hao 陈好—Fa Heung Ling a.k.a. Poison Snake 花香伶
Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建華—Kuk Wai 曲偉


“My heart,” Chung Nam gasped.

Yan ripped open his robe, but there were no obvious signs of injury to his heart.  As the collar of Chung Nam’s robe fell open, the poison-proof silk gloves from the Heavenly Crane School dropped out from the gown’s inside pocket.  Yan stared stupidly at the gloves for a moment before realization hit.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 74 & 75

Dear readers, how have you been?  The past few weeks have been a passing blur so I hope you are having a much better time than me. If not, never fear, because today’s chapters are both sexy and funny which should cheer you up considerably, although the last bit of today’s post may not exactly be suitable for young readers.

We are zooming along towards the end of the story nicely, and although Qiao Feng and Lan Shan are both Chinese, China is a very big country and our couple have some major distances and differences to overcome.   The grassland is where Lan Shan grows up and it is where Qiao Feng has to overcome its challenges to win his lady, or in this case, her family’s, heart.  Qiao Feng, jia you!


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