Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 72 & 73

From the start, I have wondered if I’ll be too embarrassed to translate Chapter 73 but here it is, more or less like it is in the book.  Meaning: there is a steamy scene ahead, although it doesn’t feel so hot the second time I read it  To pick up where we left off, Qiao Feng finally cave in to his longing and flies to Lan Shan’s hometime to look for her.  Lan Shan confesses her reservation to their relationship although her attachment to him is clearly no less than her yearning to return home.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 71 & 72

Firstly, apologies to all whom I have not replied directly in my last post although I have been reading your comments!  I will likely continue to be very quiet, no thanks mostly to work, although I will definitely read your comments with the help of email notifications.

The topic of pollution pops up several times in these 2 chapters and I just like to add that from what I observe in my limited visits to China – to Shanghai, to Xiamen, to Xi An – their cities do seem to suffer pretty badly from pollution.  Even Xi An, a second/third-tier city with nearly all electronic motor cars on its road, has pretty poor visibility.  This is a picture I have taken at its city wall and you can see that the buildings in the distance are pretty blur.  In the 6 days I was there, I only saw the sun twice and it is such a shame for such a beautiful country.

The second picture is less about pollution and more about how I like the sight of flying kites decorating the evening sky at their Drum Tower.  Xi An is a beautiful city with a lot of cultured people, and I would gladly visit it another time, pollution or no.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 69 & 70

The title forAirplane-on-Sunset-Wallpaper-1024x640 Chapter 70 – “Separation” is a surprise.  I mean our OTP only have eyes for each other, no financial issues or health issues, they have the blessing of their family, etc, so what could go wrong?  Still, if the author is bringing us there, it will be interesting to see what develops.

Su Luo makes an appearance which makes made me very happy!  How much do I love thee, let me count the ways…..

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 68 & 69

175215It is time to meet the Parent!  I am pretty sure it should be Parents, if someone had been able to control his eagerness, ha-ha, but things happen don’t they?   The dynamics of Qiao Feng’s family is hilarious and I think Wu Wen is very much like his Dad although I think his assertiveness probably comes from his mother. Compared to Yang Xiao Xiu’s mother, Qiao Feng’s parents are really nice and I am glad that they are going to become Lan Shan’s in-laws instead of someone who looks down on her.

And for readers from the States, happy Independence Day!

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