Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 44

flower in hair girlI know many of you have been waiting for the gay  misunderstanding to unravel and I can only say it is coming soon.  Before it happens, the author talks more about their little trip, which sounds fun with people like Wu Wen and Xiao You Cai on board.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 42 & 43

Star-GazingChapter 42: Invitation (continue)

The next day at work, Lan Shan meets Song Zi Cheng at the staff canteen. Having known him for a while now, Lan Shan no longer feels uncomfortable eating opposite him and even bought him a bowl of soup as thank-you for his chocolates.

“Thanks.” Is all he said about the soup. He is never one with many words but neither is he the kind who would let a conversation lapse into an uncomfortable silence. He is usually decisive, straight to the point, and Lan Shan quite enjoys talking to him. When they are finishing their food, Song Zi Cheng checks his phone and asks Lan Shan casually. “The end of this month is the best time for viewing Boötes or the Herdsman meteor shower, as it is commonly known. My astronomy club is organizing a star gazing trip. Do you want to join us?”

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 41 & 42

120335-wet-long-hair-red-eyes-seifuku-anime-girls-black-hair-fresh-new-hdChapter 41: The Past 

Although Sheng Yu has assumed that Su Luo is in no danger, it is nonetheless a challenge getting her out of water no thanks to her bridesmaid costume. Her layered dress may be pretty to look at, but its absorption power is pretty awesome too.

Yang Xiao Xiu is not a macho man to begin with and when he has to fish a maiden wrapped in a sodden blanket out of water…. it really is no mean feat! Thankfully, they are not far from the side of the pool, and with the help of a rope that someone threw in, they finally got out of the water.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 40

celebrate gifWe have reached the middle of the book and at this point, I must say I am very happy to be here after 2 months of translating, which is not too bad a record in our c-novel community.  There are many jokes which I cannot translate in context but I think the story is sufficiently funny as it is and will continue to bring you joy and some laughter.  I want to thank all the readers who are here and to let you know that the book is not going to end when Lan Shan and Qiao Feng finally got together.  There are several chapters of what happens next when they become a pair so do continue to stick around.

In the last chapter, I was seriously ticked off by Su Luo, but today, I have changed my mind and I find that I really like her character.  In fact, I really can do with a lot more scenes with her around.  Read on and see if you agree.  : )

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 38

special-a_104024_1_medI have originally wanted to bundle this chapter with the last, but maybe this is better since I will likely cut away chunks of this chapter to tighten the pace and then Melanie will start on me having sticky hands again. Not much happens here today, except an insight to what QF’s family think about him.  Poor baby, let’s hope he hitch up with Lan Shan soon before the whole world think he likes men. And I can’t wait for the wedding!!

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 37

Thank you readers for your encouragement and support for “Rice Pot”.  Since there is some suspense building up, let me try to hurry a bit until the truth hits the light, which will be pretty soon.  I have thought to publish this with the next chapter but I think I can post this first while I edit the next chapter.

wedding cardChapter 37: Misinterpret 

Lan Shan stares hard at the bright red invitation card as if trying to bore 2 holes through it. Qiao Feng is curious. “Whose wedding invite is this? Don’t you like it?”

Lan Shan dumps the card on the tea set. “There is a creature in this world called ‘ex-boyfriend’.”

Qiao Feng takes the card and flips open to read it. Everything is printed except for Lan Shan’s name which is handwritten with a 0.7mm felt-tip pen in curved, equal strokes. He nods. “The handwriting is good.”

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 35 & 36

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Chapter 35: Confused

When Lan Shan gets home that night, she finds to her dismay that she is starting her period as Qiao Feng has predicted. Besides being embarrassed that a man can be so accurate on something this personal, she also wonders if her earlier breakdown can be due to hormonal changes? If so, it would seems that science can be more amazing than magic.

The next day, there is a bowl of red dates porridge on the dinner table which is known to help a person recover from blood loss. Of course, Lan Shan has not mentioned anything about her period to Qiao Feng, but he has cooked the porridge having firmly believed in his earlier diagnosis. Lan Shan realized that although Qiao Feng looks mild-mannered, he is unusually stubborn. Once he has set his mind on something, there will be no turning back even if someone uses nine ox to pull him back. That is assuming of course that there is someone stupid enough to try, to which Qiao Feng would probably nag, nag, and nag the unfortunate brook death.

So she says nothing and simply enjoys her red-date porridge.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 34

oie_transparent-30The book’s author really favours Qiao Feng, is all I can say.  I doubt there is going to be any big happenings in  “Rice Pot” but all the little things between the two OTP just keep the story going.  I have wondered how the tiff between Lan Shan and Qiao Feng is going to get resolved, but everything turns out so naturally and matter-of-factly, I should not have worried at all.



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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapter 33

I’m posting a short chapter today and will follow up with another post tomorrow.  Song Zi Cheng, this is for you. : )

Chapter 33: Unlucky

When he gets home that night, Qiao Feng makes use of his teacher privilege to search for the student who took Lan Shan’s picture without her knowing. The way to go about doing it is pretty simple – after eliminating the girls in his class list, he combs through the photo IDs of the remaining students in the school database in order to find the culprit.

Found him. His name is Li Xiao Liang, a year 2 student.

Checking his social media, Qiao Feng sees that the student has posted Lan Shan’s picture online. Looking at the picture, he notes that the distance between the cameraman and the subject is of an acceptable distance and is much further than what he has previously thought. Along with the picture, Li Xiao Liang grumbles that he has only managed to take only one picture of Ms Beautiful before she got woken up by the teacher. Following that, he has dropped his phone and damaged its screen. How unlucky for him!

Qiao Feng deletes the photo from the post on his behalf and emails Li Xiao Liang to politely tell him that he needs to delete the photo from his phone as well. He must also send evidence of the deletion or face punishment from Teacher Qiao. To be helpful, he even attaches an instruction on “How to permanently delete a photo from your phone” in his email.

Li Xiao Liang blacklists Qiao Feng from his QQ.

Doggie ID CardThe next day, Li Xiao Liang goes to the card centre in campus to apply for a student cash card. He is quite lucky as the queue is short and he gets his new card in no time. But when he turns the card over, he is shocked to see that in the space where his handsome face is supposed to be, there is a picture of a husky rolling his eyes.

That night, Li Xiao Liang sorrowfully deletes Lan Shan’s picture in his phone and sends the video of him doing so to Teacher Qiao.

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