Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 28 & 29

Chapter 28: Angered

Lan Shan is very touched. Standing among the peonies, she bellows: “Qiao Feng!”

Qiao Feng hears her loud cry and thinks that something bad has happened to her. He drops everything he is doing (cooking dinner) and dashes to the balcony, specula in hand. “What is wrong?”

Lan Shan smiles. “Where did you get these flowers?”

“I bought them, Dummy!”

“Where did you buy them?”

Seeing that she is unhurt, Qiao Feng starts to feel irritated from being interrupted while cooking. “I bought them from the florist of course. Do you think I could have gotten them from the animal wholesale zoo?”

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Chapter 9: Blinded by Love

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Gilbert Lam Wai Sun—Lam Yik Lun  林億倫
Frankie Lam Mun Lung—Lam Yik Wah  林億龍
Kristy Yeung Gong Yu—Lam Suk Yu  林淑瑜
Gigi Lai Chi—Lam Suk Chi  林淑姿
Myolie Wu Hung Yee—Mok Yi San  莫綺晨
Benny Chan Ho Man—Gu Yat Keung  古日強
Louis Koo Tin Lok—Gu Yat Fei  古日飛
Helena Law Lan—Grandmother Fa  花婆婆
Chau Mo  周武
Lau Dong  劉當


Lun reached the edge of the forest, his heart pounding furiously as he anxiously searched for Siu Han.  Slivers of moonlight peeked through the small cracks in the thick canopy of leaves, illuminating the forest ground with a lacy pattern of white light.  Other than the sound of his footsteps and the crackle of dry leaves, silence reigned throughout the forest, almost like the calm before a storm.  From the depths of the woodland, Lun spied a small figure with her back turned to him.  The iridescent shimmer of precious stones from her hairpin winked at him in the moonlight, almost like a beacon beckoning to him.

Lun approached her, giddy with anticipation and yet strangely uneasy. “Siu Han…”

The figure remained silent. Confused, Lun ventured closer, until he stood directly behind her. Reaching a hand out to touch her shoulder, he called to her again. “Siu Han…”

The figure slowly turned around and suddenly flung some unknown white powder into his face, blinding him. Lun backed away in surprise, his stinging eyes squeezed shut.  He waved his arms around in the air in an attempt to clear the dense cloud of white ballooning out around him.

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(The Prequel) Chapter 22: Fiery Sparks Amidst Chilling Cold

Are there any underaged readers lurking about?  If yes, maybe you should sit this chapter out.  🙂

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay – The Prequel

Characters appearing in this chapter:Featured image
Wallace Chung Hon Leung 鍾漢良—Sit Chung Nam 薛钟南
Sun Fei Fei 孙菲菲—Fa Heung Yan a.k.a. Black Rose 花香燕
Old Beggar 老乞丐


Nightfall approached rapidly.  The heavens blackened suddenly, but instead of the predicted rainstorm, a blizzard attacked the town of North Star and its outskirts.  Snow poured from the night sky in thick sheets of white, swiftly blanketing the mountain paths in snow and coating the trees with pure white.  Pale moonlight bathed the endless white, its weak beams giving the landscape a blurry, dreamlike quality.  The dainty flakes twirled wildly against the dark backdrop like tiny sparkling fairies performing an ethereal dance.

Into this winter wonderland, two people entered, huddled together for warmth.  The young maiden gasped at the pristine beauty in front of her eyes and broke free from her companion’s arms.  She joyously rushed toward the flurry of white and lifted her face to the heavens, mindless of the freezing chill.  Closing her eyes, she savored the coolness of the delicate flakes as they kissed her skin, her rose-pink lips slightly parted with a hint of a smile as she sighed delightedly.  Unable to contain her elation any longer, she started to twirl round and round, her arms stretched outward to welcome the snow.  The icy wind snaked its way through the forest, whistling fiercely, and yet, her tinkling laughter rang clearly though the night.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 25 – 27

poor puppyThe Chinese netizens have a term Gong (攻) which means ‘attack’ and Shou (受) which means ‘suffer’ or ‘endure’, to describe a masculine gay and effeminate gay respectively. The meaning is pretty graphic if you think about it.

Apparently, Qiao Feng has gone from “Repressed Little Prince” to “Shou Shou” in Lan Shan’s contact list although she has the good sense not to be so blatant and has replaced the words with another similar-sounding word. As a result, poor beastly Qiao Feng has to search high and low for the meaning when he finds out that his nickname. *sigh* I hope he doesn’t get too upset when he finds out.


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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 23 & 24

230px-PlayfulKissPosterQiao Feng is not your usual arrogant genius (think Baek Seung-jo in “Playful Kiss”) who thinks that everyone is dumb.  Well, he does think that most people are dumb but that doesn’t mean he overlook their strong points as well.  Take Lan Shan for example, low IQ Rice Pot she may be, low EQ saleswoman she is not. She has a way of handling people – especially a friend of his – very well and Qiao Feng has no qualms asking for her help when he needs it.

In the last post, we ended with Lan Shan offering to be his “shield” against unnecessary attention from females who are unwary of his “true” sexual orientation….

Qiao Feng looks at her strangely again. If there is such a woman – she wants to take off your pants at your first meeting, she pops over to your place regularly for meals, she make demands on this and that, she is touchy-feely around you and ‘accidentally’ taps on your wrist or shoulder now and then, she tries to sound out your sexual orientation, she does not mind being your rumored girlfriend – is there still a need to guess her intentions?

Who says that a woman’s heart is hard to understand?


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Wishing all a Happy, Prosperous New Year!


祝各位, 羊年得意,欢欢喜喜,青春美丽,大吉大利!

I wrote the above phrases with my son on a card which he wants to put in his bag so that he can “revise” and know what to say to people when he greets them today.  Here is wishing everyone the same: – a smooth-sailing year, a happy year, a year of youth and beauty, and lucky, prosperous year!!

Best wishes,
– Moonblossom –

Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 21 & 22

EclipseKaichouwaMaid-sama-011280x72When Qiao Feng says that Lan Shan has to attend lecture (or face exile from his dining table ha.ha.), I never thought it would coincide with Qiao Feng’s important presentation.  What will happen at the lecture? Will the lecturer show favoritism towards his prettiest student?  Will he gets jealous if other boys crowd to her like honey?

Instead of their misunderstanding causing some kind of crisis before getting resolved, I am surprised their misunderstanding seems to be getting worse.  I am not complaining because these 2 are so much fun together, but just how far is the author intending for their misunderstanding to go? And the best part is, Wu Wen and Xiao You Cai are weaving themselves into the misunderstanding too. Result:  we get the last 2 paragraphs of Chapter 22.  This book, is seriously funny.

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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 19 & 20

usui misaki 3We are at the 1/4 mark of the book (time really flies!) and we finally see some plot movement  / drama today at the 4S shop before I throw a brick a author as much as I like all the misunderstandings and interaction between Qiao Feng, Lan Shan, Wu Wen and everybody else.

Qiao Feng and Song Zi Cheng get to appear in the same chapter and both are pretty awesome, so I think we can look forward to more of the same in the next … 60 chapters?  I like today’s chapters – they are warm and funny, just nice to perk up a even better weekend.


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Rice Pot Next Door: Chapters 17 & 18

pimple faceWu Wen and Xiao You Cai appears today and they seem to have a backstory! Will this thread be developed? The novel is quite long so I guess we just have to wait and see.

Xiao You Cai likes to call Qiao Feng “Da Shen” or Big God, and I really like the term which is used to refer to a very capable, even omnipotent, person. I have avoided using that term in an earlier chapter title since “God” is a sensitive word these days, but I have decided to leave it as it is here. I have just finished reading Gu Man’s “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” where the whole book is littered with “Da Shen” – this time referring to the sauve, cool, handsome Yi Xiao Nai He – so I’m glad to see the phrase in Rice Pot too.  If you are keen to read “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”, wwyxhqc has done a wonderful job translating the whole novel which you can read at her blog. Happy reading! Continue reading

(The Prequel) Chapter 21: To Earn a Beauty’s Embrace

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay – The Prequel

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Wallace Chung Hon Leung 鍾漢良—Sit Chung Nam 薛钟南
Sun Fei Fei 孙菲菲—Fa Heung Yan a.k.a. Black Rose 花香燕
Yuen Siu Mo 袁劭武
Yuen Ji 袁智
Old Beggar 老乞丐


Yan Yan!

Chung Nam’s mind screamed her name.

Quickly, he dashed after those women as they turned the corner.

“Yan Yan!”  Chung Nam called out, but she had already disappeared.

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