Chapter 6: Pervert!

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Annie Man Chung Han—So Siu Han 蘇小嫻
Gilbert Lam Wai Sun—Lam Yik Lun 林億倫
Benny Chan Ho Man—Gu Yat Keung 古日強
Frankie Lam Mun Lung—Lam Yik Wah 林億龍
Gigi Lai Chi—Lam Suk Chi a.k.a. Chi Chi 林淑姿
Myolie Wu Hung Yee—Mok Yi San 莫綺晨
Rain Lau Yuk Chui—Sung Ling 宋玲
Vincent Jiao Enjun—Chau Mo 周武
Joe Ma Tuk Chung—Lau Dong 劉當
Helena Law Lan—Grandmother Fa 花婆婆


Sky Dragon Restaurant occupied a prime location in Lam On City and consisted of two stories.  The second story overlooked the city’s bustling marketplace, providing restaurant customers with a dazzling view of the streets below.  At any hour of the day, customers packed the restaurant to sample the establishment’s famed, delicious dishes.  Currently, customers filled every table on the second floor.  Near the long winding staircase, a few people hovered, hoping that someone would vacate a table soon.  However, those fortunate enough to find a seat seemed determined to lazily enjoy their meal and the view for as long as possible.  Dejected, the few standing people descended to the first level.

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