The Sunshine Award!

sunshine award

Thank you Decembi for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!  I never know there is such a thing but I am really happy and of course I should not let the joy end with me!  My nominees would be Melanie and Peanuts, without whom, this blog would not have been possible.

Firstly, my answers to Decembi’s question:

1) What inspired you to start your blog?   I hope more people can read about Melanie’s Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay and encourage her to continue writing. If my evil plot is successful, she can then finish writing her story – and then I get to read the ending!

At the time of creating this blog, Decembi was writing “Little Moon’s Matchmaking Mission”.  Taking a leaf from her and Melanie’s book, I hope I can write my own short novel one day and publish it here.

2) Your favourite c-novel? I don’t have a  single favourite but I like Tong Hua’s “DMY”, “LYF”, “BBJX”, “Secreets Lost in Time”, “Times We Cannot Turn Back”, Tang 7’s “Hua Xu Yin”, Ming Yue Ting Feng’s “3 Marriages”, Tian Xiao Qi’s “The Empress is Not Virtuous”, etc, etc.

3) If you could lead a completely alternate life, what would it be? I am thankful that I’m at a stage where I am comfortable being with who I am.  But if it is only for a short while, I don’t mind living by myself in a mountain . When I miss modern toilets and the niceties of civilisation, I will morph to become Wu Ze Tian, or become a fish demon in the ocean.

Secondly, the questions for Melanie and Peanuts would be:

Q1:  What are the languages you can speak and write?

Q2: If you can become one of the characters in a book/drama you have read/watch for 1 month, who will it be?

Q3: Can you describe a the person in Q2?

Lastly, thank you for being who you are and for the joy you brought to me with your blogging.



  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog
  • Put the award button on your blog

14 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award!

  1. Congrats Moonblossom, definitely deserve it, you churned out ‘Gentle Free Flowing Cloud’ like an martial artist with extreme internal powers. Bringing “sunshine” to my days during the run.

  2. Hi everyone! I just got off the plane not too long ago and excitedly checked to see if anything interesting was posted at Cloud Manor (or if Moonblossom was going to surprise me with the first chapter of her He Zai fanfic) and found that I was nominated for the Sunshine Award. I would like to thank Moonblossom for the nomination, though I truly do not think I am worthy of such an honor, since I am more of an infrequent guest here at this blog rather than a real blogger. Moonblossom is the true Mistress and Sect Leader of Cloud Manor (with guidance from Technical Advisor Peanuts), and I am merely a guest who pops in sporadically to post random stuff, literally. In fact, I don’t even post that often. Moonblossom does most of the posting for me because I am that inept at posting chapters. 😛 So Moonblossom is the true ray of sunshine here, and I am only the lingering warmth riding on the coattails of her radiance. However, thank you, Moonblossom, for thinking of me. 🙂

    I have a long list of nominees. I sort of feel bad, because I am going to hit a bunch of busy people with questions. Haha. Here are my victims, ahem, I mean, nominees, in no particular order. 🙂

    1) xia0yuer – I am not sure if she is still lurking around online, since I have not heard from her for a long time. She is probably too busy with work now. She is the one who started the entire Chinese novel craze for me. We first met on spcnet forum, chatting about Wallace Chung. Before long, she lured me to her blog and poisoned my mind with her translation of Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost. And since then, I have been struggling to understand the Mandarin audiobooks of Chinese novels. Be careful of xia0yuer; she is a crafty one. 🙂 One minute, I am happily drooling over Wallace Chung. Then the next minute, I am abandoning Wallace in favor of learning Mandarin. 🙂 This xia0yuer is a bad influence. 🙂

    2) peanuts and chancy – From xia0yuer’s blog, I discovered peanuts, chancy, and shushengbar. So now I go from struggling to understand the audiobook of Heavy Sweetness to struggling to understand hundreds of wonderful stories, all beckoning to me in Mandarin. Thanks a lot, ladies. 😛

    3) hui3er – From shushengbar, I wandered over to Fanatical, where co-conspirators peanuts and hui3er pulled me in further into this abyss filled with stories of romantic and rich bosses with black humor, magical tunes that could weave dreams, ill-fated loves among immortals, etc.

    4) lidge – And how could I forget lidge when mentioning rich and romantic black bellied bosses? Come and Eat, Shan Shan has provided me with a million laughs. Thanks, Team Feng Teng (peanuts and lidge).

    5) hamster – So deep am I in this abyss that I cannot even remember how I found out about hamster’s blog. I am sure one of the culprits mentioned above introduced me to her blog. Thanks to hamster for introducing me to Dong Hua Dijun. I thought I would never love another after meeting Feng Teng, but Dong Hua Dijun proved me wrong. Though I do not share hamster’s love for Yehua (and we have debated about this on her blog many moons ago), I am grateful that she shares my love for Dong Hua to continue the very arduous task of translating Pillow Book.

    6) decembi – Out of nowhere flips out decembi. Where she comes from, I know not. I just know that her rapid updates on her blog makes my head spin joyously. I seriously think that she practices an ancient martial arts where she sprouts several arms in the dark of night, all tapping furiously away at laptop keyboards, churning out stories and translations at faster than the speed of light. Do not attempt to confront her on this, because I have, and she keeps denying any knowledge of such martial arts. Maybe a bunch of us should ambush her and steal this martial arts manual, but of course, I bet she has already swallowed the manuscript, like any good pugilist would. 😦

    7) sutekii – When speaking of updating blogs at lightening speed, how can I not mention sutekii (and yingniang, who will be #8 nominee below)? She updates so quickly that I can no longer keep up. She lost me somewhere with her translation of silly little Nuo Nuo’s story, because she was so FAST! While she sped far away and is now working on multiple other translation projects, I am still pathetically behind and reading about Nuo Nuo. 😛 I never thought there would be a day when someone would translate faster than I can read the updates. (Where do you people come from?!)

    8) yingniang – Another special gal who can apparently eat, sleep, study, work, brush her teeth while rubbing her belly and patting her head, and translate beautifully at the same time. Her wonderful translation of You Are Still Here still makes my heart ache.

    9) hoju – Thank you for bringing Toupai into my life, hoju. This Toupai character should seriously be nominated for the Sunshine Award, too, because he is just awesome and makes me giggle like a teenager. This guy causally steamrolls over the female lead with his oh-so-romantic gestures, and you just wish you are the one being flattened by him. 😛 He is THAT awesome. I would never know such a guy if not for hoju. Thank you for your hard work at not only translating the story, but also enriching our understanding of the story by translating the songs in the novel, too. Without the lyric translations, Toupai’s courting of Sheng Sheng would not have been as meaningful, as romantic, as endearing.

    10) koala – I don’t think she knows I lurk about her site, reading her reader comments and indulging in bits and pieces of her translation of Lost You Forever. I am waiting for the translation to be completed before reading from front to back.

    11) Moonblossom – Ah, last but certainly not least, my landlady deserves a big round of applause for putting up with my inconsistent appearances on this blog and for not responding to her emails until weeks later. My stories would be homeless without her hard work. But I am not nominating her because she provided a home for my stories. I am nominating her for her brilliant translation of Gentleman Free-Floating Cloud. She brought to life Wang Yun’s dry and sarcastic humor to those of us who cannot read Chinese. She made me like Wang Yun so much that I disliked the man who let her fall off a cliff. Moonblossom will say that the credit all goes to the author, but I disagree. The translator is the author’s voice in another language, and if the voice is inadequate, then even a stellar character will fall flat in the reader’s eyes. Thank you for all your hard work, Moonblossom, not only for translating, but also for being so supportive.

    Have I missed anybody? I am sure I did, since there are plenty of other bloggers out there whose blogs I have not even visited yet. Thank you, everyone, for brightening my day with your blogs and translations.

    Now to answer Moonblossom’s questions:
    Q1: What are the languages you can speak and write?
    I can speak English and Teochew fluently. I can speak Cantonese relatively competently (but with an American accent), and I have rudimentary speaking skills in French, Spanish, and Mandarin.
    Unfortunately, I can only read and write English well. I can maybe get by with French, but don’t expect me to read or write philosophical essays in French.

    Q2: If you can become one of the characters in a book/drama you have read/watch for 1 month, who will it be?
    Why, Jin Mi from Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, of course!

    Q3: Can you describe the person in Q2?
    Jin Mi is so delightfully clear-minded. She sees everything for what it is, rather than dwelling on the hidden meaning behind every little action or spoken word. Because of this, she is carefree and happy, instead of worrying about hidden insults or ulterior motives. She sees the world like a child does, in black and white. I would like to be like that for few weeks, where the shades of cloudy gray are completely erased. The world would be much easier to interpret that way. (The real reason I want to be Jin Mi is because I want Phoenix to have the hots for me, but I thought the reason I gave above sounds much more intellectual. Hehe.)

    I am so sleepy that I will have to continue this post another time with questions for my nominees.

    Thank you!

  3. Am I in Mars, Pluto or whichever universe or planets??!!! This is unbelievable, like your very own academy awards. Congratulations to all the nominees. I have expressed my appreciation and gratitude and count my blessings so many times that I found SSB and everyone there that I don’t know what else to say, except repeat, I luv you all, for the time, effort and creativity in making my life so interesting and letting me feel that 24 hours in a day is not enough to whet my appetite on all these lovely books and mainly to discover this beautiful universe that I never knew existed until I met you all. Good job!!!! Thumbs up!!!!

  4. I’m back with questions for all my nominees. 🙂

    Q1: In the pugilist world, there is this saying that if you have reached a high enough level of cultivation, then you become your weapon, and your weapon becomes you. So…if you were a weapon, what would it be and why?

    Q2: Which novel or drama character would you like to marry and why? You cannot take the best parts of several characters and combine them into an ideal spouse! You have to pick one character and accept his bad traits along with the good ones.

    Q3: What is your dream profession and why? (And if you don’t mind my nosiness, what is your real profession? You don’t have to answer this if you don’t wish to.)

    I’m looking forward to everyone’s answers! 🙂

  5. Sorry for the late reply. Time is a luxury item these days so I will try to answer as best as I can.

    I like your questions as my imagination starts to work overtime the moment I read them. The first weapon that comes to mind when I read Q1 is a lightening blot. I don’t think if it is a powerful weapon since it is just a small pair of crescent lasers that will boomerang back to the user. But it is fluid and light-weight so I guess it will suit a lowly-skilled female pugilist like me just fine.

    Q2 got me v excited. The first man that comes to mind is Guo Jing (LOCH). I would love a simple-minded but righteous man who is handy in keeping my enemies at bay when my feeble lightening sabers fail to hold them back. But then, I won’t like to spend my married life fighting endless battles with the Mongols in a remote town so I have to bade a tearful farewell to Jing GeGe. I then went through a list of fictional characters until I decided in the end that Jiu Xiao Qi write the best husbands. Of her books, I think I would love to be Ye Zhen Zhen to Ji Wu Jiu in “The Empress is Not Virtuous”. He may be a bit er… lovesick, but he is smart and he will love me to bits. Plus, I will get to be an Empress and get to live in the lap of luxury. In the book, the story started when the two got married reluctantly and then went through a lot of trials and misunderstandings before the two finally got together. But he is such a lovable man, I think I will put up with all the plots by his concubines and a jealous mother-in-law to displace me, if it means I stand to win him over – or more like he win me over – in the end. And for those who have not read the book, both my real self and Ye Zhen Zhen looks down on polygamy. She literally threw up on him whenever he tried to consummate the marriage. The disgusted feeling only stopped when he gave up his harem and went through a ‘cleansing ritual’ before she can finally accept him in bed.

    As for Q3…. I can’t imagine there is this thing call ‘good’ job at the moment because the fates finally decided it is time for me to work to death. My work in the past 2 years was to set up new, or improve existing processes/products. Nowadays, I have an endless stream of flow charts to draw, mechanisms to set up, not to mention incorporating the latest marketing concepts at the same time eg customer journeys, design thinking, organizational design, etc,etc, etc…. which to me, is simply a lot of common sense structured in a sexy way. If there is one job I could think of that could be the slightest bit of fun is to be a tour guide. I have visited enough local attractions, including some experiences slightly less-encountered, so I think I should be able to help someone plan a nice holiday in Singapore. Or Taiwan for that matter.

    • Hi Moonblossom,

      Thanks for answering my questions!

      Q1 – When you mentioned lightening bolts, I immediately conjured up an image of Storm from X-Men. Moonbloosom, her long black locks whipping furiously in the wind and rain, looks down on the world atop her lofty mountain peak, the lightening bolts gathered in the palms of her hands hissing and crackling. I love that image! 😀

      Q2 – Wow, I am so glad you did not choose Guo Jing as your husband. I think he would make a great martyr and hero but a horrible husband and father. This Ji Wu Jiu guy doesn’t sound that great, though. 😦 Strike one against him – He has a harem to start off with. Strike two – He abandons the rest of his wives to seek “happily ever after” with the female lead. While it’s very romantic from the female lead’s perspective, what about all the other wives who get brushed off to the side? If I am Ye Zhen Zhen, I am not sure I want my happiness to be built on other women’s grief, but to share a husband with those other women would also be a big NO NO. So I would choose to just find some other guy.

      Q3 – Sheesh, Moonbloosom. Your work confuses me. It just sounds very complicated. *hug* I once thought about being a tour guide, but I wonder how much fun tour guides actually have, since they are not the ones on vacation. Plus, they probably lead the same tours over and over again that it would be boring after a while. But maybe, if they just guide a certain tour once or twice and are allowed to switch to tours in other destinations, then it would be a great job!

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