The Sunshine Award!

sunshine award

Thank you Decembi for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!  I never know there is such a thing but I am really happy and of course I should not let the joy end with me!  My nominees would be Melanie and Peanuts, without whom, this blog would not have been possible. Continue reading


Chapter 5: My Hero

Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay

Characters appearing in this chapter:
Louis Koo Tin Lok—Gu Yat Fei 古日飛
Benny Chan Ho Man—Gu Yat Keung 古日強
Gilbert Lam Wai Sun—Lam Yik Lun 林億倫
Annie Man Chung Han—So Siu Han 蘇小嫻
Joe Ma Tuk Chung—Lau Dong 劉當
Vincent Jiao Enjun—Chau Mo 周武
Helena Law Lan—Grandmother Fa 花婆婆


The two Sun Moon Sect members, who had previously discovered the deaths of two fellow members in the forest, hastily returned to the Sun Moon Sect to report this setback. They pressed a hidden stone lever near the entrance of a stone structure, and a hidden door slid open to reveal a long, torch lit hallway. The two members entered, their footsteps echoing loudly in the silence. At the end of the hall, they hesitated at the entrance of a huge, dimly lit room and exchanged apprehensive glances before stepping inside.

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